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The Coach's Self-doubt Cheatsheet

The 15-minute coaching tool to get to the root cause of your self-doubt
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If you believe the ‘problem’ with your coaching business is you haven’t got a winning niche, or your price is wrong, or you need to harness your every wayward thought into a mindset straightjacket: please take this invitation to STOP.

The truth is, the root cause of self-doubt is often unconscious.

And if you aren't aware of how your self-doubt is holding you back, then no amount of strategy, marketing, mindset or hard work will help.

I want you to see how sophisticated your self-doubt is. 

No matter how experienced you are as a coach, no matter how far away your dreams seem, no matter how off-brand your self-doubt feels: the Coach's Self-doubt Cheatsheet will support you to uncover your self-doubt, understand it, and give you the opportunity to evolve beyond it. 

No more waiting and hoping.

No more white-knuckling through.

Your dream coaching business is grounded in resourceful, creative, healthy Self-belief.

By Sas Petherick

Master Coach, Founder of Self-belief School & Self-belief Coaching Academy, host of the Courage + Spice podcast: OBSESSED with helping humans heal self-doubt.