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Stephanie Wasylyk

Quebec, Canada
Side Ferns
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Stephanie Wasylyk

You’re an entrepreneur and you have been for a while now.
In fact, you’ve probably gotten pretty busy over the years. And still, something isn’t quite right. You might be losing steam. You’d like to be making more money, you’d like to be working less, you’d like to be having more fun in your life, and in your business.

It might be that you need better systems, it might be that you need to raise your prices, or it might be that you need a better plan. And, likely, you have an idea of what to do, but you’re having trouble making it happen. You procrastinate the thing that is the most important. You don’t launch because you’re waiting for it to be just right. You probably feel overwhelmed. Or you worry about…well…everything!

This is where coaching comes in.
We can talk about strategy, of course. But more importantly, we’ll make sure you’re not getting in your own way. You’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to hold you accountable, and someone to help see your blind spots.

You’ve probably had a coach before, but it’s very unlikely that coach was trained in helping you through your self-doubt. And that, in fact, is the missing piece. It’s nearly impossible to get results if your self-doubt is leading the show. The freaky part is, you might not even know! Self-doubt can show up in lots of ways that look legit, but really it’s blocking you from taking action. It can show up as having trouble making decisions, waiting for things to be perfect, putting everyone else first, or just pain old overwhelm.

This work isn’t about pushing harder or driving yourself into the ground.
It’s about understanding yourself more deeply, unblocking what has you stuck, so you can work (and live!) with more ease and flow.

There will ALWAYS be something that stops you. There will always be something that seems legitimate that will get in your way.

There’s nothing wrong with you!
This is true for everyone.
And, it can be easier. It can be more aligned.

Let’s explore this together.

I help entrepreneurs grow their business, reduce overwhelm, make more money, and stay sane.
Since 2013 I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs fall back in love with their business while it grows, honing my coaching skills in a variety of industries. I am a reliable and inspiring blend of guide, mentor, business consultant and cheerleader.

Other Qualifications:

You are really good at what you do. I enjoyed our calls and your ability to communicate and really connect with me. I have really appreciated your ability to help me get to know myself better and what I need to do more of to live my life’s mission.


What clients say about

coaching with them

I can’t tell you how much you have guided and shaped my business and outlook on projects. You are BRILLIANT and have incredible patience. Truly a blessing.

Thank you for all the inspirational coaching with me even when I was almost at the point of being uncoachable! 12 months ago I was so lost and had no freakin clue! I doubted myself. I couldn’t see past the paradigms I had held onto my entire life. You helped me to step into the woman I am today, signing up new clients regularly, and standing in my power with confidence. You give me so much strength and encouragement. I can do this!!