Would you like to feel more at home in your body?

You are warmly invited to:
emBODYment (1)
Friday 3rd NOVEMBER 2023, 10:30 - 16:30
Clifton VILLAGE, Bristol, UK

hosted by Sas Petherick &
Professor Phillippa Diedrichs

When it comes to body image, the game is rigged against us.

From an early age, we’re sold an idea of how our bodies should look if we want to feel worthy, beautiful and successful.

We learn what we should do to control, contain and manage our bodies, and how we will be punished or celebrated for how we look.

We learn to ignore the cues and signals of our body, the identities we want to express and the joyful and playful ways we can experience our appearance and the functions of our bodies.

It’s exhausting and the game is rigged. We can never win.

There will always be a new beauty trend, product or wellness guru telling us how to look and feel in our bodies.

So how do we disrupt this narrative and rewrite the story of how we relate and live in our bodies?


The truth is that we don’t have to love every aspect of our bodies to feel at home in them.

The research says that we can cultivate body appreciation, acceptance and respect.

We do this by rejecting society’s beauty ideals and listening to and honouring our body's needs.

It can feel overwhelming to unlearn and reject everyday pressures.

But, with evidence-based techniques and in community with other women, this is absolutely possible!


Between us, we’ve spent over 30 years researching and testing what works to build self-belief and a relationship with our bodies that is based on respect, acceptance and appreciation.

Sas is an industry-leading coach, trainer and supervisor who specialises in teaching the principles of self-belief.

Phillippa is an award-winning Professor of Psychology who is known internationally for developing and evaluating evidence-based strategies to help women live free from the constraints of appearance ideals and pressures. 

Beyond our professional experience, we’ve also personally experienced challenging relationships with our bodies as a result of not conforming to prescriptive beauty ideals, illness and being women in today’s society.

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We’re DELIGHTED to INVITE YOU TO ATTEND this workshop in our adopted hometown OF Bristol. Come and SPEND THE day WITH US in a beautiful SPACE in the heart of Clifton Village: 


What's included:

  • A day to reflect on your relationship with your body and learn how to cultivate a sense of peace in your only home.
  • Apply evidence-based techniques to cultivate body appreciation, respect and acceptance based on the latest science and psychological theory in the field of body image research and practice.
  • Experience a mixture of rich conversation, coaching exercises, discussion, connection and sharing.
  • A cracking lunch, snacks and drinks are all provided.
  • BONUS! The 30-day emBODYment programme for the month following the workshop (this is an email course packed with ideas for applying your learning).
  • BONUS! A follow-up Zoom call with Sas and Phillippa two weeks post-workshop.


Buy your ticket today!

THE embodyment workshop

hosted by sas Petherick + professor phillippa diedrichs
Friday 3rd NOVEMBER 2023, 10:30 - 16:30 - Clifton VILLAGE, Bristol


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Early-bird tickets are available until the 1st of September 2023. Full-price single tickets are £350. The 'Bring a friend' offer is valid until tickets sell out, or the 31st of October when enrolment will close. Your ticket price includes snacks, lunch and drinks throughout the day, all workshop materials, the 30-day EmBODYment Programme and a bonus Zoom call with Sas & Phillippa within a month of the workshop. If you experience any technical weirdness or have any questions, please contact us at support@selfbelief.school. 

You’ll walk away with:

  • fire in your belly to reject diet culture and the beauty industrial complex
  • a desire to speak to yourself about your body and your appearance with compassion and care
  • the courage to express yourself through your appearance and body in a way that feels fun and unique to you
  • a sense of community and connection from spending the day in a supportive environment with interesting and curious women!

We cannot wait to meet you!