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The Coach's Self-doubt Enquiry Worksheet

The 15-minute tool to get to the root of what's holding you back:
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If you believe the ‘problem’ with your coaching business is you haven’t got a winning niche,
you are charging too much (or not enough), or you need to develop a rock-solid mindset:
please take this invitation to PAUSE.

The truth is, the root causes of our self-doubt are often unconscious.

This means, if you aren't aware of why your self-doubt is holding you back,
then no amount of strategy, mindset or hard work will help.

Let's try something new.

I want you to see how sophisticated your self-doubt is. 

The Coach's Self-doubt Enquiry will support you to uncover what's really holding you back:

By Sas Petherick

Master Coach + Supervisor, Founder of Self-belief School & Self-belief Coaching Academy, host of the Courage + Spice podcast: OBSESSED with helping humans heal self-doubt.