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What people say
about Self-belief School...

There's so much absolutely brilliant content and I know I'll be returning to it time and again. The coaching calls (both group and circle) feel to me to be the heart of the programme - the practical outpouring of care and action towards self-belief - I love that these are not 'nice-to-haves' but essential components. I am so grateful for the time, expertise and gentle nudging.

- Fiona

Self-belief School is comprehensive, interactive, takes you deep and is excellent value for money. It's the best investment you can make in yourself, the results come from the work. I've been genuinely moved by the other women's experiences and so grateful to be there to share them. The fact it's for a year makes me feel I'm not alone in this journey and that it will enable profound, not just short-term, change in me.

- Kate

This has been the coaching programme that I have felt safest in. This safety has facilitated me to take the content from an intellectual level into an actionable place, something that I have felt I haven't quite been able to do before. The coaches do an incredible job, always being so kind, supportive, and responsive - a very special shout-out to Lisa. Thank you so much Sas for such a wonderful, truly transformational programme.

- Li-Yeng