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The Self-belief Matrix:

how to overcome self-doubt in your life and work
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Change how you see self-doubt FOREVER!

You might have heard self-doubt characterised as a self-sabotaging inner-critic we should either demonise, ignore or befriend. 

These approaches stem from an unhelpful combo of outdated research, an oversimplification of self-doubt and the rise of positive thinking and manifestation.

We end up trying to change long-established beliefs and behaviours with superficial quick fixes.

Through my graduate research and work as a coach over the last decade, I’ve found that self-doubt is our ‘inner-protector’ – the part of our psyche that tries to keep us psychologically safe.

Your self-doubt is waaaaay more sophisticated than a self-sabotaging inner-critic.

I’ve developed an original, evidence-based model called The Self-belief Matrix - it's an elegant way of making sense of the core protective patterns of Self-doubt.

I’ve taught this to almost a hundred coaches and therapists, and they have been BLOWN AWAY by the results this has generated for their clients.

For the first time, I’m sharing the exact model that will help you think about your self-doubt in a completely different way.

This workshop helps you get crystal clear on your self-doubt - you’re going to wish you had learnt this when you were five years old.

AND I show you exactly how to implement this model so you can make the changes you want in your life, work, relationships, business and creativity. Yep.

Hello you! I'm Sas.

Master Coach + Founder of Self-belief School

I'm OBSESSED with helping you heal your self-doubt.

My approach is evidence-based, fun and deeply compassionate. I have an MA in Coaching and my Master’s dissertation was a deep study into the experience of self-doubt. Over the last decade, I’ve coached with hundreds of people to heal the root causes of their self-doubt.

Self-doubt is my story too. I spent decades wading through the treacle of over-delivering, people pleasing and feeling like a fraud. It was exhausting and lonely.

Healing our self-doubt - especially in community with others - is creative, nourishing and pragmatic.

This work is an absolute labour of love for me. You are in safe hands.


From the workshop chat box

One of the best free trainings I've ever attended.

- Lyndsay

Loved this Sas - so engaging and helpful. I have a page full of aha's!

- Susie

This has been amazingly useful - thanks Sas!

- Liz

Very eye-opening, head is spinning and hand is sore from scribbling so many notes!

- Helen

Thank you so much, Sas - so helpful. See you in Self-belief School !! 🙂

- Mary


The Self-belief Matrix:


Please note: The workshop is available to view until the 18th of September 2022
(my gorgeous fellow procrastinators - I see you).