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Dreaming at the Midpoint


We are at the Midpoint of 2024 - its the perfect time to dream the second half of your year into being.

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So many of the coaches I know don't love planning.

This makes complete sense: we tend to be conceptual thinkers, we make sense of the world through relationships, and presence is often our love language.

No wonder linear planning far in advance, and formulaic approaches may feel "out of preference" for you. They may also (if you're anything like me) bring out your rebellious teen in the worst way.

But of course planning in advance gives our work direction and purpose; it's so helpful for our beloved clients to know what's coming.

So let's embrace the both/and to do something different. I've devised an approach to planning where we don't talk about planning ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here's what we'll be playing with instead:

  • We'll access and draw out your inner Leader at the heart of your coaching work.
  • Using a mash-up of dreaming and body wisdom we'll access your possibilities for the next six months.
  • We'll discover what you want to create, why this matters, and what this will require of you.ย 

Join us for this FREE Workshop!
Let's dream your important coaching work into being

ALL THE details:

This two-hour workshop will run twice to cover timezones - just sign up and you'll be able to choose the time that suits you:

  • Monday 8th July: 7pm UK | 8pm Berlin | 11am Pacific | 2pm Eastern

  • Tuesday 9th July: 11am NZ | 9am Sydney | 4pm Pacific | 7pm Eastern

Please feel free to sign up even if you canโ€™t attend - there will be a recording for those who have registered.

You'll also be subscribed to my monthly newsletter for coaches.

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Hello you! I'm Sas.

My approach to coaching is evidence-based, trauma-informed and deeply compassionate.

I've spent the last decade coaching with hundreds of humans to untangle from self-doubt and develop robust self-belief.

I have an MA in Coaching and a Diploma in Coaching Supervision. And I'm in the dance of running a business, right alongside you.

Most days, you'll find me on โ€‹the gramโ€‹ - come and say hello.

I'm so glad we're connected.

Sas x