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Workshop Replay!


One of the most fulfilling parts of my work is helping people - especially those wrestling with procrastination and perfectionism - achieve goals using a revolutionary approach.

The best part is that once you ace this for one goal, you can apply it to any future goal!

Every mainstream approach to goals reinforces self-doubt by demanding unrealistic levels of discipline, consistency and willpower (there isn’t much room for your humanity here).

And self-doubt pops up whenever we start a goal - it’s so easy to get caught in 'all or nothing' thinking traps, and we inevitably lose momentum.

I can show you a way to achieve your goals with self-compassion and encouragement. This approach isn't just kinder - it's far more effective!


What it's like to coach with me

Sas is big-hearted and bullshit-free – with insights so spot-on it was uncanny. She offered observations about unconscious behaviours I hadn’t recognised before, and that awareness has equipped me with choices.

- Meredith Reynolds, London

Sas, with her amazing way of encouraging, cheerleading, ass-kicking, and bullshit-calling, has helped me to unpack my biggest fears and my wildest dreams and find my way through.

- Debra Cowie, Ottawa

Working with Sas is like a having a wise sage, a best friend and a skilled therapist on speed dial.

- Sara Tasker, @meandorla

Without any doubt, it is the best investment I have ever made in myself. Sas is a total master. It’s been like adding the final pieces to a puzzle that I’ve been grappling with for years.

- Dr. Rae Ritchie

I’ve learnt to trust myself in a way I never dreamed would be possible. I have awesome tools to work with. Sas will get you there.

- Inger Kenobi