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Episode 74: What Do I Do Now?!

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The first in a new series on the podcast – Listener Letters. If you have a dilemma, challenge or a self-doubty situation that is troubling you I want to help. Write to me and I will create a podcast episode especially for you. I am hoping that this will not only help you the letter writer, but also everyone who is also in a similar situation. So let me help!

Our first letter is from Diedre in Ireland who after years of achieving is not working and this has led to a sense of paralysis and some shame. She doesn’t know what to do next and doesn’t want to make the wrong choice. Like so many of us that go through an unmooring and uncertain change, Dierdre is asking ‘what do I do now?!’

In this episode we explore what happens when we go through a big transition – what to expect and how to support yourself at the four different stages.


If you have a self-doubty challenge or dilemma or a question you’d like me to weigh in on, please do email all the things to

Martha Beck’s Cycle of Change from Steering By Starlight

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