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How to take your
coaching to a deeper level

A free Masterclass
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As a thoughtful coach you are likely to spend a lot of time wondering how you can get better:

  • A nagging sense that your coaching isn't quite getting to the heart of things.
  • Finding yourself feeling frustrated or judgey with clients who aren't making progress.
  • Overthinking the 'right' way to share your coaching work in online and in-person conversations.
  • Being so aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, it's tricky to listen deeply to your client.
  • Holding back from saying the thing you believe would help your client.
  • Being attached to your client's outcomes as a measure of your success.
  • Feeling a bit lost in your coaching work - what even is it that I do? 

What if accessing your next level of coaching mastery is easier than you think?


Your greatest coaching 'tool' is your grounded, lovingingly detached, presence. You can access this.

In this free 90-minute workshop, we'll cover:

  • The worry about what other people might think can be a cracking source of self-awareness (if we let it!). We'll explore what might be going on for you underneath your self-doubt.
  • How to take care of yourself when self-doubt rears up - because we so quickly go into a dysregulated state and respond from there. I have a creative metaphor for understanding your experience, staying grounded and present with yourself.
  • How to navigate back to wholeness, using the Criticism Map. I'm excited to share a process that supports you to process and integrate your worries healthily and compassionately.
You'll walk away with useful information,
practical tools and loving detachment.
  • This workshop was recorded on Thursday 16th February 2023
  • Watch the replay in your own time - settle in with tea and a notebook
  • A pdf reference guide is also provided.

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Hello you! I'm Sas.

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I'm Sas Petherick: Master Coach, Supervisor and founder of Self-belief Coaching Academy. You'll find me on the Gram most days: @saspetherick do come and say hello x