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As a thoughtful coach, committed to serving others… already know that mainstream coaching approaches just aren’t enough to help your clients truly transcend their self-doubt.

While mindset work, “life hacks” and positive thinking may offer temporary respite, they rob us of the opportunity to help our clients develop a solid foundation for robust self-belief.

We need to go beyond mainstream coaching

Providing a transformational coaching experience for your clients comes down to the investment you make in your development. Navigating through self-doubt for good requires a revolutionary approach - and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you study with...

The Self-belief
Coaching Academy

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With tried-and-tested tools, concepts and approaches, you’ll have everything you need to support your beloved clients at the highest level. 

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Many of self-doubt's roots are created in past disappointments, hurts and traumas. Having an understanding of how that trauma functions and how to respond effectively will elevate your coaching presence. Here, you’ll learn how to create the conditions for transformation within coaching boundaries, and without working directly with the client's trauma.

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Developing the capacity to sit with your own complexity, uncertainty, and vulnerability is the key to deep presence with your clients.

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"Just bloody do it, everyone needs this stuff!"

"Knowing and trusting Sas I really wanted to deepen my skills and tools. I love the fact that the programme is trauma-informed!

The experiential element has been so valuable, our practice pod has helped me grow as a coach and as a person.

The curriculum is also amazing. I love it all, tbh."

Esme Filsinger, Self-belief Business Coach

Most of us understand that Self-belief is at the heart of everything we do (and don't) create. But living from Self-belief is on another level.

The question is, how do you go about breaking down the fortress of your clients’ protective self-doubt to unleash their potential?

Often, the barrier to creating self-belief is that our conditioning has been with us so long and become so ingrained that it feels almost uncomfortable to break out - and this experience is not limited to an unlucky few.


The truth is...

Most coaches struggle to create robust, lasting results for their clients because they’re busy contending with their own self-doubt - particularly when it comes to showing up and going all-in with their big business dreams.

Here’s why that’s a problem for you:
When Self-doubt holds you back from this sacred work that we call coaching - your mission in this lifetime is not able to be fully realised. But once you truly understand the root causes of self-doubt (as well as proven strategies for untangling from it), you’ll be more than ready to help your beloved clients do the same.

Four key reasons why SO many of us don't experience true self-belief

(and how you can turn that around)

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Many of us experience trauma and other influential experiences in our early years. We make decisions about who we need to be, in order to belong. This becomes part of our deeply woven story of who we are and it just gets reinforced over time - unless, of course, you have access to a coaching methodology that goes just as deep, and that's what you'll learn in the Self-belief Coaching Academy.  

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It can be so tricky to distinguish between the experience of Self-doubt and the story that “this is just who I am”. In the Self-belief Coaching Academy, you'll learn research-backed tools for identifying self-doubt symptoms like over-thinking, under-feeling, procrastination and perfectionism and how to coach your clients through it.

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The truth is that being brave always feels like ARSE. It means choosing to face the fears, worries, and risks that self-doubt is trying to protect us from. But the pay-off is huge! Because fulfilment, meaning and resilience are all built through practising bravery. And when we learn how to be okay with discomfort, uncertainty, and all those hard-to-feel feelings, we are pretty much unfuckingstoppable.

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Some of us are all too aware that we’re experiencing self-doubt, but we’re afraid to try to change because we have no idea what will happen. Will we be judged or criticised? Will we be disappointed? Holy crap, who will we be if we succeed? It’s a vicious cycle - but all you need is 12 seconds of bravery (the moment you say yes to this programme and change your life). The Self-belief Coaching Academy will take care of the rest!

Can I let you in on a life-affirming secret?

Self-belief is not only for those who are fortunate enough to have more resources, connections, and opportunities. 

It’s for everyone - and if you like the sound of that, then you’re in the right place!

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Transform your clients’ lives, your coaching
practice, your business, and yourself.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from thousands of hours coaching humans with self-doubt and continually investing in my own learning, and funnelled it into this programme.

I know from experience that standing out in this overcrowded market starts with exceptional coaching - because nothing makes you more magnetic to your next client than a track record of great results.

The Self-belief Coaching Academy isn’t your average training programme - it’s your direct path to coaching mastery.

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Through course content informed by my graduate research into self-doubt, and more than a decade of coaching with real-life humans, you’ll learn the theory and practice of powerful original strategies for cultivating self-belief.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to develop your learning and practice your new coaching skillset with fellow programme participants. Past students say this has led to so many personal breakthroughs.

The end result? 

An advanced coaching certification coupled with real-world experience that leaves no doubt in your mind: you were made to do great things, and you’re ready to make it happen!

So, are you in?


is the only course of its kind that is...
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Packed with original tools and approaches

Over the last decade, I’ve incorporated and adapted the research findings from my Masters dissertation in self-doubt, and developed my own tools and approaches that have now been proven with hundreds of clients. The SBCA programme is a robust methodology that will equip you to serve your clients at the highest level.

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Intended to help you transcend your self-doubt

SBCA students have described the programme as ‘edgy and amazing’. Your learning will illuminate your own experience of self-doubt so that you can make peace with it. You’ll also ground into your unique gifts as a practitioner, changing what you believe is possible for you as a coach. Many graduates report how profoundly different they feel at the completion of the programme.

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After you complete the SBCA curriculum, you'll be invited to our SBCA Graduate Community. This means you'll have access to monthly Group Supervision, 'Business Builder' sessions with guest experts, 'Creation Station' calls to help you develop your coaching offers, plus the opportunity to present masterclasses to fellow SBCA coaches. 

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Rooted in experiential practice

The training wheels will be off! You will be working directly with self-doubting humans throughout the Programme, getting LIVE practice that creates all the raw material for your own skill development. With our full support, you will be completely ready to implement your learning directly with clients by the end of the programme.

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Accredited by the ICF

SBCA has been through a robust accreditation process by the International Coaching Federation meeting the standard for Continuing Coach Education (CCE). Certified Self-belief Coaches will receive digital badges from ICF and SBCA.

the SBCA coaching model

You'll learn the SBCA Coaching Model - an original framework that I've researched, developed and refined over the last decade. This includes tested and proven coaching tools specifically designed to support you to change your client's lives. No matter what kind of coaching you do, if your clients are impacted by self-doubt, we've got you.

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SBCA is for you if...

  • You’re currently working as a coach, mentor, counsellor or therapist and you want to work in a new way to support your clients impacted by Self-doubt.
  • You aren’t into “quick fixes” - in fact, quite the opposite. You are ready to meet and embrace complexity, uncertainty, and the full spectrum of emotions as they present in yourself, your fellow classmates and your clients.
  • You want to help your clients understand and heal the root causes of their perfectionism, over-thinking, under-feeling, self-criticism, procrastination, people-pleasing, feeling like an imposter, constantly proving themselves or an inability to take action towards their stated goals (yep – all symptoms of self-doubt).
  • You recognise the importance of understanding and working effectively with trauma within the boundaries of the coaching relationship.
  • You’re willing to show up and engage with any vulnerability around your own self-doubt, and you’re devoted to (and accountable for) your own learning and development. 
  • You believe that self-doubt is both a personal and political experience and that, as coaches, we cannot ignore the unchecked cultural narratives that seek to exploit our insecurities for profit.

Here’s how the
curriculum breaks down:

The Self-belief Coaching Academy is all about empowering coaches with proven tools, deep knowledge and evidence-based approaches to make transformative change in clients’ lives.

SBCA Icons - Module 1
Module 01


  • Understand the core purpose of self-doubt, its subjective and personal nature, and how you can incorporate this work into your coaching practice.
  • Learn the unconscious drivers of self-doubt and how to identify them elegantly with your clients.
  • Dive into the misconceptions of self-doubt and how you can transform your coaching practice from this information alone (for example: why self-sabotage is NOT a thing!)
SBCA Icons - Module 2
Module 02


  • Discover the ‘meta-model’ of adulthood; how our sense of self is formed, reformed and transformed and how this helps us to navigate self-doubt.
  • Understand how to coach with ‘multiplicity of selves’ and how to create a sense of psychological spaciousness for your clients sense of self.
  • Learn how to identify, make sense of and coach effectively with all of your clients at any developmental stage.
SBCA Icons - Module 3
Module 03


  • Learn a psychotherapeutic model of trauma.
  • Understand how to speak to what is happening in the ‘here and now’ for your client and how this may be connected to the ‘there and then’ of past trauma.
  • Learn how to coach in a way that is sensitive to boundaries and avoids entanglement or working directly with the traumatised self.
SBCA Icons - Module 4
Module 04


  • Discover the origin stories of the Big Seven Risks and how these feed into your clients self-doubt.
  • Learn how to elicit the biography of your clients’ (often unconscious) protective beliefs.
  • Practice making space for your client to sit with ‘risk resistance’ to see exactly how their beliefs are working as intended.
SBCA Icons - Module 5
Module 05


  • Learn an elegant process for helping your client separate their own narratives from those in their memory and those given by others. 
  • Understand how meaning-making presents at different developmental stages.
  • Discover how to change the underlying meaning of beliefs and empower your clients to take positive action.
SBCA Icons - Module 6
Module 06


  • Dive into the purpose and common misconceptions of the inner critic, including its relationship with trauma.
  • Tap into creative curiosity to characterise and personalise your clients’ self-doubt as The Protector.
  • Discover how to evolve The Protector into a trusted advisor in order to develop a sense of psychological safety.
SBCA Icons - Module 7
Module 07


  • Discover how to recognise your own self-doubt and tend to your vulnerabilities with compassion. 
  • Explore the limits of self-coaching (yep, we need each other!).
  • Learn how to handle your own emotions when you are activated by client stories and traumas.
SBCA Icons - Module 8
Module 08


  • Dive into the impact of conflict as a primary risk at the core of protective beliefs.
  • Learn helpful somatic practices to regulate clients’ nervous systems and emotional experiences.
  • Learn original tools to prepare your clients for any judgement, criticism and confrontation they may face in the future.
SBCA Icons - Module 9
Module 09


  • Learn how to help your client identify their ‘True Nature’ - the person they are beneath their self-doubt - and use it to cultivate meaning, fulfilment, and a values-led life 
  • Discover how to help clients develop self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust through compassionate enquiry.
SBCA Icons - Module 10
Module 10


  • Learn a model of change that supports your coaching work and offers a trajectory for how you can work with clients over time.
  • Dive into Courage-based Planning: understand how to support your clients to take consistent, imperfect action based on how much courage they feel.
  • Learn how to prepare for and coach your clients through obstacles and setbacks, as well as flare-ups of self-doubt and uncertainty.

Imagine what your life would be like if…

  • You felt fully equipped to meet your client's biggest and most human challenges with understanding, compassion, and practical evidence-based tools
  • You have on-tap supervisory support to untangle client challenges, ethical dilemmas, and the psychological undercurrents of coach-client relationships
  • You have a group of fellow coaches cheering you on - offering practical support as your practice grows and your coaching develops
  • You could spend every day doing (and getting paid well for) work you love, knowing in your bones that you can handle anything your clients bring your way.
That’s what the Self-belief Coaching Academy is all about.
SP - Testimonials_Ray Dodd

"SBCA has grown both my confidence as a coach and my knowledge of coaching."

I really loved that deepening my knowledge has left me feeling more confident in my ability to keep my clients safe in our work together. It’s also been at the heart of some really important personal growth for me over the last few months. DO. IT.

Ray Dodd, Money Coach


I'm Sas.

I’m a Self-belief coach who has coached hundreds of clients over the past decade through private sessions, group programmes, retreats, and workshops.

Over the years I have devoted myself to this work, continually investing in my own learning and spending thousands of hours coaching humans with self-doubt.

After completing my Master's degree in Coaching with a dissertation on the experience of self-doubt, I began applying the research in my work, and have since spent years developing and refining a solid coaching methodology.

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that there is a HUGE demand for this work (my waiting list for 1:1 coaching was over 300 people). But if we’re going to support our beloved clients effectively, we need specialist knowledge and tools. 

My commitment is to equip you with proven approaches, deep knowledge and an evidence-based foundation so you can support your beloved clients to navigate through their self-doubt.

Let’s create some powerful change.


Join today and get...

The COMPLETE evidence-based Self-belief Coaching Academy Certification Programme

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You'll get lifetime access to research-led coaching education, each explained in bite-sized video lessons, coaching examples and comprehensive training manuals, plus everything you need to embed your learnings into every aspect of your work.

What's included:
  • 10 modules - each with a workbook, bite-sized video lessons (with closed captions) and discussion forum
  • 17 weekly Group Calls - with opportunities to be coached, discuss, ask questions and share learnings
  • Practice Pod with you and two other coaches to meet and practice the tools
    Weekly Study Group (hosted by Scott our Support Coach - no agenda, just drop in and bring your questions!)
  • 25 original coaching tools for you to use with clients
  • PLUS! All Graduates are invited to access the SBCA community:
  • Monthly group supervision and support calls
  • Business Builder sessions with expert guests
  • 'Creation Station' calls for support to complete projects in your business
  • Showcase your talents and host your own Masterclass!


Group Calls, your Practice Pod, and the Self-belief Coach Community

The programme includes 17 group calls with Sas and other students, designed to deepen your understanding of the content. 

You’ll also get access to a practice pod of three coaches who will help you put the tools and approaches you learn into practice and cement your transformation. 

Plus, after you have completed the programme, you’ll receive ongoing support directly from Sas and our Self-belief Coach community. 



The standard of coaching as a profession is rising. And that means more is expected of us as practitioners.

SBCA has gone through a rigorous accreditation process with the International Coaching Federation to meet the high standards of coaching values, ethics, and teaching. It's not just what we teach, but how we create the conditions for you to apply your learning.

You will be actively supported to certify as a Self-belief Coach.

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You'll get to
celebrate your certification
on your website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kind Words from Past Participants

This is one of the best investments you can make for your coaching mastery and practice.

Sas is the most natural, compassionate and inspiring teacher and the material literally blew my mind in its depth and just how much is covered in the course.

Deepening my understanding and relationship with my own self-doubt has been amazing too.

Marie Kenny, Creative Coach

My coaching game has stepped up dramatically. Not only are my clients benefiting enormously, but the work has also deeply affected me and helped me to have some very profound personal breakthroughs.

I’ve been coaching on and off for almost twenty years (full-time for the last six), and I had felt this creeping desire and frustration that I hadn’t taken a deeper level of training. SBCA provided the academic challenge that I was looking for and fulfilled all of its promises.

Scott Robson, Entrepreneur & Branding Coach

When I first looked at this programme, I instantly felt it was THE ONE and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

SBCA is comprehensive, brilliantly balanced between theory and practical application, and is already enriching my established practice no end.

The practice pod has been of huge value, and the weekly calls have also been a highlight in my week. Sas leaves me feeling utterly secure, as she attracts people with real integrity.

Keri Jarvis, Audacity Coach

The pace, the structure, the triple-loop learning approach, it all felt so flowing and organic with space for reflection and growth. I’ve loved it!

I will keep looping through the learning long after the course itself is finished and I continue coaching with everything we’ve learned.

Digging into the learning with Sas and a group of passionate coaches has been so nourishing and affirming. I’ve found the pathway to growth and mastery and lifelong learning.

Our coaching pod has been beautiful. I so loved sitting with these awesome women, picking over stuff, sharing our thoughts and figuring it all out together: just so good.

I knew the learning would be unrivalled and was anticipating that, but I hadn’t anticipated the joy of being part of such a collective. What a balm for a self-employed person!

Lisa Mabberley, Mother Nurture Mother Wild

This is a framework that is useful no matter what your niche is and no matter where you are in your coaching practice – it’s a true masterclass.

Self-doubt comes up a lot in the work I do with folks on Body Trust and I wanted to grow my skills.

I have loved geeking out on the foundational research but I have most enjoyed having practical tools to use and practice in my practice pod – the relationships I have formed there have been really wonderful.

This is a really special invitation into Sas’ body of work that is heartfelt, trauma-informed, and evidenced-based – such a magical combination.

Nicola Haggett, Body Trust Coach

SBCA has helped me fall back in love with coaching again – I’m just enjoying this work so much – and helped me feel more assured in my purpose of helping creatives express themselves.

A particular highlight has been all the lightbulbs that have gone off for me – both in terms of what I can do for my clients now, and my understanding of myself and my own self-doubt.

Clare Lucy, Creativity Coach & Mentor

This programme gives wings to everything you already know about coaching! Every week there has been a highlight that has thickened my understanding and compassion for my self-doubt. No more poking around hoping to see what works. Learning through our coaching practice pod has been genius! You can trust that SBCA makes all your existing tools work better and from a deeper foundation.

Liz Kiefer, Relationship + Empowerment Coach

SBCA has been transformational for my coaching but also for me personally.

The way the programme has enabled me to rethink my own experience of self-doubt and self-belief has been truly life-changing. I’ve really enjoyed the weekly calls and it's been brilliant exploring the materials, forming new relationships and exploring my coaching within the practice pod. I really believe it’s at the root of all the things – I feel like it’s an absolutely crucial thing to explore and unpick as part of a client’s coaching journey.

Eleanor Kirkham, Reclaiming Motherhood Coach

SBCA has challenged and stretched me in deeply wonderful (and at times uncomfortable) ways. I’ve flirted with the idea of training as a coach for so long – I even had a call with a training site in London which sounded so dull! Then the next week I learned about SBCA, magical timing gave me enough time to sort out finances to make it work. The programme has been developmental rather than just taking on skills and information and the highlight has been my practice pod, and the wider community – I can’t understand how I was living in the world without these incredible women!

Julia Goodall, Family Psychologist and Coach

I think this course attracts a different breed of coaches – though we work in different areas, it felt like there was a shared sense of thoughtfulness and a desire to support our clients deeply. It felt like there was a sense of ‘kindred spirits’ with several people in the group. If you’re a practising coach seeking a programme to connect you with a diverse host (what’s our collective noun?!) of fellow coaches, to give you creative tools and models that can open up new ways of working with your clients and you are also willing and hungry to do the work on yourself to explore how self-doubt is showing up for you, then this is THE course for you.

Emma Ashru-Jones, Integral Development Coach

This course offers an intelligent, thoughtful, and rigorous coaching model and tools, infused with a spirit of play, experimentation, and faith in humans. It will uplift your spirits while it also activates and strengthens your coaching muscles and practices. SBCA is extraordinarily well designed – from the orientation week, through to the materials and then, it answers the question of providing support during the “make it your own” phase of the programme once the core learning pieces are covered. This programme reflects Sas – it’s wise, passionate, humane in scope and realistically reassuring – and the best coach-the-coach programme I’ve had the pleasure of taking (and I’ve taken a LOT!… lol)

Marion Langford, Leadership Coach

I wanted to learn from Sas because I trusted the SBCA programme would be intellectually and ethically sound, trauma-informed, respectful, safe, exciting and challenging (I was right). The brilliant tools, the opportunity to expand my understanding and resources, learning from and watching you coach and teach, being surrounded by brilliant humans – DO IT!

Dr Suzy Darke, Visibility Coach & Mentor

There is room for all of you.


The fundamentally unique, utterly one-offness of you is deeply valued here.

Your needs, goals, values, personal history and perspectives will add to the learning experience of every one of us.

Please be assured there is a seat at this table and all of you is welcome – including your age, nationality, gender identity, religious traditions, physical ability, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, body size, neurodiversity, visible and invisible disability, race identity and your choice of pronouns. 

We actively seek to create spaces, both in-person and online, that are inclusive and brave, and you can rely on our founder, trainers and support team to hold this group with collective boundaries and individual accountability.

Page Image 01 copyV2

Every coach needs SBCA. It is hands-down the best programme I've ever invested in.

This program is so beautifully and effectively crafted. I felt equipped to start working with my clients right away using the tools I was learning (that same week, even!) and the results were undeniable. I also can't deny the impact it's had on my own relationship with self-belief.

Kate Jaeger-Thomas, Business Coach + Strategist


Want to chat?

I'm so happy to help you decide if SBCA is right for you and your clients.

Please know my Zoom door is wide open to you. We can meet to talk more about your practice and where SBCA might fit in.