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Heal the root causes of your self-doubt

heal the root causes


If you are fed up with holding yourself back personally, creatively, professionally, relationally, but you don’t know how to change things, you're in the right place.

Self-belief is at the heart of everything you do (or don’t) create in your life. Developing self-belief isn't about luck or information or finding a 'hack' for procrastination. It's about untangling from all the ways you have been told that you are not enough, or too much.

THIS IS healing, LIBERATING, brave WORK.

Self-belief School is where you learn how.

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Self-doubt is a tragic waste of our time, energy and potential.

Millions of us are spending our days second-guessing our abilities, worrying about how we look, and not quite trusting our own judgement.

  • 75% of women regularly experience self-doubt in the workplace.
  • Nine in 10 women opt out of important life activities because they don’t like the way they look.
  • 60% of women have put off starting their own businesses due to self-doubt.   
  • British women have the second lowest self-esteem in the world.

Outdated research that reduces self-doubt to a sabotaging inner-critic, the oversimplification of confidence, and the rise of positive thinking as a cure for all of life's uncertainty, has left intelligent women attempting to use magical thinking to solve a very human challenge.

When it comes to healing the roots of self-doubt, we have too many systemic causes and not enough evidence-based solutions.

I am devoted to changing this.

Because we deserve better.

What people say
about Self-belief School...

Self-belief School is a gentler approach to self-improvement - it's a breath of fresh air, so different to mindset work that is often referred to.

- Nasreen

I am enormously grateful for SBS. At nearly 63, I have tried so many ways to learn to cherish myself, and the Gordian knot of my own limiting choices is finally being undone. I am stunned by the changes I have made and the understandings I have had. I am more at ease in my own self and more hopeful about my future.

- Mary

It's amazing! New ways of looking at self-doubt that goes way beyond the typical inner critic ideas. We're looking at *why* we have these less-than-helpful beliefs, and even if this brings up uncomfortable feelings, there is plenty of warm and kind support. It's not something to "get through" I love that I can immerse myself in this work.

- Susan

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First Five is an immediately implementable, short, self-paced course with everything you need to enrol your first five clients (and your next five!). For thoughtful coaches who want help to approach selling in a values-led, creative, respectful way, my intention is that you make your First Five investment back on your next Sales Call. 

While coach training provides incredibly helpful approaches, and client work gives us the experience of supporting actual humans, coaches need a space to make sense of everything.

Coaching Supervision is recognised as the standard for coaching excellence. Get some!

If you are an experienced practitioner and self-doubt is impacting your clients, Self-belief Coaching Academy is an evidence-based, trauma-informed, ICF-accredited programme using proven concepts, tools and approaches.

This is a direct path to your coaching mastery.


What people
are saying

Working with Sas is like a having a wise sage, a best friend and a skilled therapist on speed dial.

- Sara Tasker, @meandorla

After Sas supported us to implement a stronger coaching culture, we are individually and collectively, better able to function as coaches within our organisation.

- Jamie Ward, Global Head of Organisational Development, BBC Worldwide

SBCA is the best investment you can make for your coaching mastery and practice.

- Marie Kenny

Meet Sas

Master Coach + Supervisor

My approach to Coaching is evidence-based, deeply compassionate and super-doable!

I've spent the last decade researching and coaching with hundreds of humans to untangle from self-doubt and develop robust self-belief. I have an MA in Coaching, and I'm completing a Diploma in Coaching Supervision.


Courage & Spice


Hey guys and gals and non-binary pals! Courage + Spice is the podcast for humans with self-doubt, hosted by me, Sas Petherick. You can expect interviews with delightful humans, evidence-based resources and original proven coaching tools. If Self-doubt is holding you back in your life, relationships, career, creativity or business, Courage + Spice is especially for you.

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Self-doubt Archetypes

'The Self-doubt Archetypes Quiz was a real 'OH SHIT' moment. I found it so insightful, I’ve been telling my friends and whoever will listen to do this!' – Carly


  • You might have heard of personality type tests, but did you know there are twelve distinct Self-doubt Archetypes?
  • Your Self-doubt is specific and personal to you. And it always makes complete sense.
  • Take the quiz and find out your flavour of Self-doubt.
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