Self-belief School

Let us show you how to
live bravely.

live bravely

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Your self-belief is at the heart of everything you do (or don’t) create in your life. Robust self-belief is not about luck or information.

It's about being brave

Self-belief School is where you learn how.


We’ll show you how to take care of the beliefs that leave you second-guessing and over-thinking and worrying about what everyone else thinks.

We’ll help you to own your strengths and gifts and to live in a way that brings you more fulfilment and meaning.

You’ll learn how to have your own back, to live with boundaries and values, to let go of needing so much external validation; how to voice your opinions, ideas and preferences and say yes to the projects that excite you (even if they are also a tiny bit arse-clenchingly scary).

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We’ll show you how to create a life that you

actually like.

If you are fed up with holding yourself back creatively, professionally, relationally, but you don’t know how to change things, Self-belief School is for you.

Why this matters

4% of women worldwide consider themselves “beautiful”. Over half of women agree they’re their own worst beauty critic.

- Dove Self-esteem Project, 2020

73% of women state they lacked the confidence to pursue a job opportunity beyond their experience, ask for a promotion, or request a raise.

- KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit, 2020

One in two women feel more self-doubt than self-love. 60% wish they had more respect for themselves.

- The Body Shop‘s Global Self Love Index, 2021

Two thirds of women and half of men do not believe they are intelligent or confident in their ability to do their job.

- Confidence Statistics, CensusWide and McNaught Digital, 2021

Even though managers tend to see women employees as more effective than their male peers, women consistently rate themselves much lower.

- Zenger and Folkman, Harvard Business Review

60% of women have put off starting their own business due to feelings commonly associated with imposter syndrome.

- Royal Bank of Scotland, 2019

46% of men and 56% of women do not think they are liked by others.

- Censuswide, 2021


What we do


SBS is where you learn how to create robust and resilient self-acceptance, self-worth, self-trust and self-belief (the best kind of selfies!).

Create a life that you
actually like.


If you are an experienced practitioner and self-doubt is impacting your clients, SBCA is an evidence-based, trauma-informed programme using original tools and approaches.

This is a direct path to your
coaching mastery.


Find your coach with experienced practitioners who have trained at the Self-belief Coaching Academy.

Life, career, business, creative and
relationship coaching available.


Why we do it

We are helping to build a world where it never occurs to you that you aren’t qualified, thin, experienced, capable, pretty or educated enough. Where you give something a try just because you want to.

We can show you how to trust yourself to be with any risk of failure or criticism or disappointment. You know that whatever happens, you’ve got your own back. Transcending your self-doubt is healing, liberating work, but we aren’t stopping there. Our collective power is revolutionary.

Robust self-belief means we participate in the world as an equal part of it. It also means we reject the entrenched cultural narratives that tell us we are both ‘not quite _____ enough’ and to ‘never get too big for our boots’.


What people
are saying

Working with Sas is like a having a wise sage, a best friend and a skilled therapist on speed dial.


We are individually and collectively better able to function as coaches within our organisation.

- Jamie Ward, Global Head of Organisational Development, BBC Worldwide

SBCA is the best investment you can make for your coaching mastery and practice.

- Marie Kenny

Our Founder

Sas Petherick

Sas Petherick has spent the last decade researching and coaching with thousands of humans around how to overcome self-doubt and connect to their self-belief. Her body of work is compassionate and life-changing.

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Courage + Spice

The podcast for humans with self-doubt

Hey guys and gals and non-binary pals! Courage + Spice is the podcast for humans with self-doubt, hosted by Sas Petherick. You can expect interviews with delightful humans, evidence-based resources and original proven coaching tools. If self-doubt is holding you back in your life, relationships, career, creativity or your business, Courage + Spice is especially for you.

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