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Begin each day with intention + connection:
create your Mighty Morning


Here's how you know you could benefit
from a Mighty Mornings upgrade:

  • Before you're fully you reach for your phone and you find the rest of the day just sort of... happens to you. 
  • It's too easy to spiral into procrastination, and you know the way you're currently starting your day is not helping you progress your dreams, goals and intentions.
  • You're in a cycle of putting off bedtime, causing next-day exhaustion which nixes any hope of consistent morning rituals. (Revenge Bedtime Procrastination is totally a thing!)
  • You imagine a 'Future Fantasy You' (with no responsibilities) who wakes up in time for yoga or morning pages or half hour to check in with yourself. But this is so far from your current reality of time-crunch chaos and NO I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOTBALL BOOTS ARE! that you push snooze in the hope of a few minutes before the madness begins again.
  • Feeling behind all day isn't even the worst part - what really hurts is the lack of self-trust that comes from feeling disappointed in yourself.

Are you secretly convinced that the 'right' morning routine would completely sort your life out?


Many of us create morning routines based on what we think we should do, or what we see others on social media doing. This means we end up expectations for ourselves based on other people's circumstances, which is always unsustainable.

Productivity Culture has set ridiculous standards for an 'optimal morning' - it usually involves a 4:00am meditation followed by a cold plunge and fasted cardio... and of course we don't do this! (spoiler: no one without staff does this).

And if (like me), you are in a state of perpetual low-level grief at the state of the world, it may be that your goals and desires feel indulgent, even a bit pointless.

Somewhere between the All and the Nothing, we are languishing in dissatisfaction. Our days drift by while we wait for the time and the space to create what we want.

Your life is happening right now. You don't have to wait.


Mornings are sacred time.

Creating a thoughtful, intentional ritual for your mornings, helps you anchor into
who you are today, and who you are becoming.

Morning rituals are promises we keep to ourselves.
This is where we build our foundation of self-trust and self-acceptance.

Mighty Mornings are a deceptively simple and sweet approach to
begin each day with intention, pride and joy.

Mighty Mornings are not about putting one more thing on your to do list. This is about creating a compassionate connection with yourself.

Beginning your day with intention and connection only takes a few minutes.
This means you can do this pretty consistently, no matter what your circumstances are
(it's aces what happens when we take perfection OFF the table).

The awesome bonus is that this process minimises procrastination and
sets you up for whatever success feels like for you each day.

'How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives'
- Annie Dillard

Let me show you how to create
a morning routine that you love:

we'll explore:
And you'll walk away with:
  • How to create a flexible and sustainable Mighty Morning that suits YOU, in this season of your life.
  • How to create the conditions to set you up for a Mighty Morning - even with complex responsibilities, demands on your time and your own resistance.
  • How to compassionately problem-solve, reset, and ground yourself if your morning includes unplanned events (we're taking perfection off the table!). 
  • An interactive, template-style Worksheeet to help you thoughtfully create your own Mighty Morning.
  • Excitement at having designed a ritual that you want to wake up to, and the ability to choose and re-choose as your circumstances evolve.
  • Freedom from the tyranny of not meeting an impossible standard designed by someone who (almost definitely) has a wife/staff.
  • Deepened self-awareness of all the ways you get stuck in consistency traps (like all-or-nothing thinking).
  • A clear, compassion-led, doable vision for what your Mighty Morning looks like.. and a step-by-step, sustainable plan to support you.

Save Your Seat!

Here are the details:
  • WEDNESDAY 27th MARCH 2024
  • 7pm UK | 3pm EST | Noon PST | 8am Thursday NZ
  • We'll meet over Zoom for a 90-minute call
  • A worksheet will be set out with the recording
  • Sign up below and you'll receive the Zoom link and all details via email:

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Hello you! I'm Sas.

I was convinced my morning woes were down to not having the right job or not having enough time. But then, I became self-employed doing work I love and my day was my own, and I still couldn't seem to get my shit together!

Nothing changed until I found a way to make my mornings work for me: this is where Mighty Mornings was created.

My own experience, combined with graduate research and coaching with hundreds of clients over the last decade, means I have developed a proven, helpful approach I'd love to share.

Your can begin every morning with intention and connection. You can minimise procrastination. You can experience a tonne of pride and joy every single day.

I can't wait to meet you!

Sas x

I'm obsessed with helping you heal your Self-doubt, so I created Self-belief School. I also teach my coaching methodology to other practitioners in the Self-belief Coaching Academy. I'm the host of the Courage & Spice Podcast and you'll find me on the Gram most days: @saspetherick do come and say hello x