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Episode 144: The real reason you are waiting to feel ready (plus: Big News!)

One of the biggest ways that self-doubt holds us back is by telling us that we aren’t ready. This shows up differently depending on your specific situation. Maybe you’re an artist waiting to feel ready to share your work with an audience, or a writer waiting to contact agents. A coach waiting to perfect your…
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If you’re looking for an extra helping of...
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You want to know more about what's going on behind the symptoms of your self-doubt (like procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing).

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You enjoy listening to stories and ideas from others. It's so helpful to know we are not alone in our self-doubt!

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You want to know that there’s someone out there who understands how you feel (and can deliver practical advice that works).

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You know that your self-doubt is deeply connected to your lived experience of systems of power and layers of oppression. You are ready for help and support to break free.

it's an honour to be in your earholes!

Here, you’ll find everything you need to tackle the tough topics with love, explore your inner geography, and transcend your self-doubt for good.  

Recent episodes:

Episode 144: The real reason you are waiting to feel ready (plus: Big News!)
One of the biggest ways that self-doubt holds us back ...
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Episode 143: Two questions to ask yourself when everything is uncertain
Welcome back to Courage and Spice! As 2023 continues, today ...
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Episode 142: 2023 – This is not what I ordered
Believe it or not, we’re about half-way through the mystery ...
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If you have a dilemma, a self-doubty situation, or you just want some advice from a relative stranger on the interwebs, I want to help. Write in with all the deets and I will create a podcast episode especially for you.



With reviews like these,

there’s no room for doubt


Growing through self doubt has been a life’s journey so far. I shall add this to my resource list for shaping my approach to clients


Just listen!
Sas has a wonderful way of holding space for her guests and really bringing out nuggets of gold. Just listen!

Her latest episodes for coaches are gold 🤩


As good as my therapist
Courage & Spice is without a doubt my favourite podcast of all times. Indeed, the only one that I come back to regularly. I love how Sas weaves theory about human mind with her own research, practical tools and real life examples. There's no false promises or five 'easy' steps towards XXX I love her honest approach to convoluted topics, her ability to openly bust 'trendy' beliefs and encourage us to be kind to ourselves as we explore this tender unconscious territory of self-doubt.


Warm and smart
I’ve been listening to podcasts for a long time and I must say this one really stands out. Sas Petherick has a deep knowledge that she shares with clarity and humility. I’m learning a lot from her.


Intelligent, inspiring, thought-provoking, warm and wise
Loved the first episode and Sas's warm and sparky personality really came through. Fascinating look at self doubt and a really satisfying balance of well-researched science and genuine honesty and intuition. Excited to hear more!


A Must Listen!
A truly helpful and insightful podcast. Giving a clearer understanding of self doubt and giving great advise of how to put theory into practice. Keep up the great work Sas!


About your host

Hi! I’m Sas.

Researcher. Writer. Self-Doubt Expert.

My mission in life is to help you make sense of your self-doubt and cultivate lasting self-belief.

I have a master’s degree in self-doubt and have spent almost a decade coaching hundreds of people towards robust self-belief. I created Courage + Spice as a vehicle for brave people, inspiring stories, and proven techniques to reach as many ears as possible - and if self-doubt is holding you back in your relationships, career, creativity, or business, you’re in the right place.

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Self-doubt Archetype


'The Self-doubt Archetypes Quiz was a real 'oh shit' moment.
I found it SO insightful, I’ve been telling everyone I know to do this!'
– Carly


  • You might have heard of personality type tests, but did you know there are twelve Self-doubt Archetypes?
  • Rooted in depth psychology, your archetype shows you the pattern of how you experience, interpret and respond to Self-doubt. It helps you to understand more deeply how and why your self-doubt shows up in the ways it does.
  • Discover your Archetype, and I'll send you a FREE ebook packed with experiments and ideas for how to untangle from your Self-doubt.

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