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Meet Sas Petherick

Sas Petherick is a Coach and Supervisor, OBSESSED with helping you heal your Self-doubt.

Since completing her Master's dissertation on the experience of Self-doubt, Sas has spent over a decade working with hundreds of coaching clients. She has developed an evidence-based, trauma-informed, ICF-accredited coaching methodology specifically designed to support clients with self-doubt.

Sas is the founder of Self-belief School where she helps humans heal the root causes of self-doubt to cultivate tangible and sustainable self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust. She also teaches other practitioners how to effectively support their clients in the Self-belief Coaching Academy.

Sas is the host of Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt. Most days you'll find her on the 'Gram: @saspetherick.

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Featured Speaking Events

& Publications

  • Keynote Speaker, Creatival Conference, Exeter 2019
  • Project Calm, Issue 43 ‘Feel good tears’
  • Creative Journeys special issue of Project Calm: ‘At home with words
  • In the Moment magazine, Issue 23 ‘Quieten your inner-critic’
  • Happiful Magazine, June 2018: ‘Overcoming Self-doubt with Sas Petherick
  • Inspired Coach – monthly ‘Casework Corner’ column
  • Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2018 – guest speaker ‘Creativity & Self-doubt’
  • Pinterest KnitCon European Conference 2018 – guest speaker ‘Creativity & Self-doubt’
  • There Are Other Ways podcast interview: Navigating self-doubt with Sas Petherick
  • Hashtag Authentic podcast interviews: Managing Self-doubt’ & ‘How to stop caring what everybody thinks’
  • Insatiable podcast interview: ‘Why is weight loss so hard?
  • In The Moment Magazine, October 2017: ‘Say it out loud: the power of the podcast
  • Sisterhood Camp, fForest, Wales, June 2017 & June 2016
  • Blogtacular Conference, June 2017 – workshop ‘Creativity & Self-doubt’
  • 2016 International Conference of Coaching & Mentoring: presentation: ‘The phenomenological experience of Self-doubt’
  • International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching & Mentoring – ‘A leap into the unknown: the self-employed coach’s experience of self-doubt.’


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