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Cali Lucy

Victoria, Australia
Side Ferns
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Cali Lucy

What if you never were ‘too sensitive’?

I spent years thinking there was something wrong with me – too quiet, too shy, too sensitive.

Finally, a trusted mentor pointed out that my quietness and deep-thinking – common traits of sensitive people – were actually my speciality.

I didn’t need to make myself different. I needed to nurture and understand my unique, powerful way of relating to the world.

Now I work with highly sensitive women to help them build a solid foundation of self-belief and embody their own speciality.

Cali is based in Victoria, Australia – click here to check your timezone.

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What clients say about

coaching with them

I love that I came away from our session with practical steps! I feel like I can actually follow through on my goals.

Cali’s energy is calm and deeply grounding. Working with her, I felt supported, accepted – and gently challenged to step up and make changes in my life. Thank you!