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Eleanor Clare

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Eleanor Clare

I’m Eleanor, a woman and a mother of twins. I started adulthood as a teacher, specialising in Early Years, so I thought I would have motherhood sorted when it arrived. Nothing could have prepared me for the reality.

After years spent trying to live up to an impossible ideal I ended up burnt out and exhausted. I had been doing far too much; I couldn’t and didn’t know how to ask for help and I didn’t even realise I had needs myself, because I was so busy meeting everyone else’s.

I began training as a coach and it helped me uncover how to start tending to my needs, how to ask for help, and what I actually wanted my life to look like. And now I get to help other women do the same. I have trained with the Self Belief Coaching Academy and I am also currently working towards Dr Sophie Brock’s Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification.

Eleanor is based in the UK – click here to check your timezone.

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I was struggling with fear of public speaking which was holding me back in my business. Eleanor is such a calm, empathetic yet powerful coach, her listening is of a rare quality. She helped me untangle the layers of my fear and self-doubt, and freed me to show up relaxed and most importantly, as myself, when I next spoke on a podcast.

Eleanor has a wonderful presence whenever she coaches me. She has a rare ability to allow for space to think and to gently challenge limiting assumptions and beliefs which has really helped me to move forward with some challenging decisions.

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