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Emma Ashru Jones

Emma Ashru Jones is a Self-Belief Coach helping wholehearted humans to cultivate courage and step into new possibilities. Emma often works with people who long to bring more of their gifts, voice and vision to the world, but who feel held back. She believes in the value of inner work for outer change and that when we cultivate lasting self-belief, our lives can flow with more ease, joy and aliveness.

Emma is a qualified Integral Development Coach, having graduated from the Professional Coaching Course with
Thirdspace and accredited by the International Coach Federation. She arrived at this work in 2015, having struggled with her own self-doubt in the corporate world and experiencing first-hand the transformative power of Coaching.

As well as one-to-one Coaching, Emma loves to host circles, retreats and leadership programmes with groups out in the beauty of nature.

Emma is based in the UK – click here to check your timezone.

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What clients say about

coaching with them

“It was truly transformational working with Emma. She is incredible at facilitating self-compassion, self growth and coaxing out solutions already within you to huge obstacles in your life. I had a massive breakthrough with Emma, and it completely changed and enriched my relationship with myself and my new business venture. I got so much out of the coaching, even in a short time together.”

Rachel Manns
Wellness Business Founder

“In Emma’s presence my whole system settles; I’m able to share anything, however tender it may feel. She enables me to look at my issues square-in-the-eye and open up fresh ways of working with them. In my experience fear is the greatest enemy of growth: and love and wisdom are its greatest allies. Emma brings both love and wisdom in abundance – around her I grow.”

Janeena Sims
Director and Coach