Your self-doubt is a pattern of beliefs and behaviours, specific and personal to you. Understanding why and how your Self-doubt shows up, is the first step to changing it...

Let’s uncover your 

Self-doubt Archetype!

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  • Discover what activates your self-doubt (and why).
  • Make sense of the patterns and themes of your self-doubt.
  • Understand why you respond to self-doubt the way you do.
  • Learn about the light and shadow of your particular type.
  • Gain insight into the likely underlying root causes.
  • PLUS: Specific experiments to help you gently interrupt your archetypal pattern.

Top tips for taking the Quiz!

  • Take your time and focus on what feels true for you.
  • Keep in mind your experiences and responses to self-doubt.
  • Try not to overthink it - there are no right, wrong, better or worse answers.
  • The quiz will take around 10 minutes, so settle in with a cuppa!

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