Are you looking for a coach?

It can be an overwhelming minefield to find a good coach right? I've done some of the hard work for you! I’m delighted to introduce you to the community of Certified Self-belief Coaches.

Each of these thoughtful, kind humans has trained and certified in the Self-belief Coaching methodology - this means they are uniquely qualified and experienced to support you in navigating your self-doubt. They also each have a specific flavour of coaching and can support you in matters relating to your career, business, relationships, creativity and life.

See who feels like a fit for you; get in touch and have a chat. Interview them, ask questions - trust your gut.

Do let them know I said hello!


Susan A Sutherland

After 29 years in corporate, I left the C-Suite to become a “next chapter” and self-belief coach. I am a certified Martha Beck Wayfinder coach, certified Self-Belief coach, and have training in Mind-Body coaching as well. I coach accomplished humans 40+ committed to bringing long held dreams to fruition in THIS lifetime. I live on…

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Sophie Carefull

Sophie Carefull is a life and business coach for introverted creatives, with a background as a personal branding photographer. The focus of Sophie’s coaching is helping you cultivate courage and self-compassion, so you can embrace who you are and thrive in work and life. Before becoming certified through SBCA, Sophie trained with Co-Active Training Institute.…

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Scott Robson

I’m Scott, an experienced and compassionate coach who supports fellow entrepreneurs in the human experience that is running a business. I help them find their unique voice, gain self-trust, and claim their space in the world.I know from experience that our lives and businesses can be interlinked in important ways. Our business can be where…

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Marie Kenny

Hey, I’m Marie, a certified self-belief & creativity coach for artists, creative entrepreneurs and anyone who dares to create. I really care that creatives, artists, thinkers and other status quo challengers befriend their self-doubt and fall in love with every part of themselves, because I believe the world needs more fulfilled and self-actualised artists who…

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Liz Keifer

As a professional actress and IFS-informed Self-belief coach, I help you embrace and trust your deep knowing and unique gifts so you can show up as your whole self in every area of your life. Because when you are acting like someone you are not in order to build or maintain a work/life relationship, it…

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Keri Jarvis

Keri Jarvis is an Intersectional Feminist, Developmental Coach & Community Activist.She helps you to understand yourself, your behaviours and the context of your life (including systems of oppression) better so that you can develop healthier perspectives and experience your precious existence more fully. No bypassing or GirlBossing. Lots of memes and lolz.

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