Are you looking for a coach?

It can be an overwhelming minefield to find a good coach right? I've done some of the hard work for you! I’m delighted to introduce you to the community of Certified Self-belief Coaches.

Each of these thoughtful, kind humans has trained and certified in the Self-belief Coaching methodology - this means they are uniquely qualified and experienced to support you in navigating your self-doubt. They also each have a specific flavour of coaching and can support you in matters relating to your career, business, relationships, creativity and life.

See who feels like a fit for you; get in touch and have a chat. Interview them, ask questions - trust your gut.

Do let them know I said hello!


Keri Jarvis

Keri Jarvis is an Intersectional Feminist, Developmental Coach & Community Activist.She helps you to understand yourself, your behaviours and the context of your life (including systems of oppression) better so that you can develop healthier perspectives and experience your precious existence more fully. No bypassing or GirlBossing. Lots of memes and lolz.

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Kathryn Ho

Kathryn Ho is a coach for creative humans who struggle with getting their creative work off the ground — because of all things self-doubt! Whether you’re an artist, freelancer, run a creative business, or aspire towards a more creative life, I can help you untangle your thoughts, change your relationship with self-doubt (so you no…

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Jamie Holbrook

“I help people figure out what they want to do next in their career by deeply reconnecting with who they are and what really matters to them. Using a clear, compassionate, and effective process, I help them: ✔ Stop hesitating and cut through the overwhelm and noise of figuring out what they want to do…

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Fiona Bicket

I’ve always been interested in people. At School I was the ‘sensible one’. I was also the one that people came to talk through their problems with and the one convening reconciliations between waring friends on the playground. (Really I should have known that coaching and mediation would feature in my future). After studying Sociology…

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Despina Panitsidis

I am Despina, a coach for sensitive strivers and introverts who want to grow solid self-belief and self-trust to navigate personal and professional challenges with clarity, compassion, and courage-based action. I am a Certified Self-belief Coach (2023), an EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach (2021), and a Certified Deep Transformational Coach (2018). Before transitioning into the…

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Christina Golian

I’m Christina – a creative coach and positive psychology practitioner. Helping folks chase beautiful dreams while navigating the inevitable self-doubt along the way is my absolute jam. I coach creatives, founders and freelancers who want to get clarity, come unstuck, find creative solutions, and explore new ways to thrive in work and life. I use…

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