I am Despina, a coach for sensitive strivers and introverts who want to grow solid self-belief and self-trust to navigate personal and professional challenges with clarity, compassion, and courage-based action.

I am a Certified Self-belief Coach (2023), an EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach (2021), and a Certified Deep Transformational Coach (2018). Before transitioning into the world of coaching, I worked in corporate HR for 14 years which eventually led to serious burn-out and a major life/existential check-in. Coaching has become for me a way of being, learning, growing, and continuously evolving, apart from an entrepreneurial adventure.

My coaching approach leans more toward the transformational end of coaching. As part of the coaching process, you learn to unconditionally embrace all your vulnerable human parts and explore with curiosity and compassion the protective beliefs, emotional landscape, body sensations and meaning-making stories that drive your day-to-day actions and ultimately shape your patterns of behavior. Eventually, you learn to respond to life’s challenges, ranging from small daily decisions to big life transitions, from a place of robust self-belief and solid self-trust.

My practice is trauma-informed with a touch of existential coaching and incorporates tools and practices from my trainings in mindfulness, somatic-self-compassion, non-violent communication, micro-expressions and body-language, phototherapy, existential coaching, and embodied transformation.

I offer 1:1 coaching, small group coaching and tailored coaching workshops, online and in-person if you happen to live in Greece!

I am accompanied in this messy and glorious human journey by my soul partner, Yannis and our cute little Lhasa-Apso dog, Ermis.

It would be my honor to hold space for you and accompany you in your life challenges, big or small, as your advocate and accountability coaching partner!