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If you want to know what life is like on the other side of self-doubt:

Self-belief School was made for you.

You might have heard Self-doubt characterised as a 'self-sabotaging
inner-critic' you should stop listening to.

However, reducing self-doubt to something that must be dismissed
or ignored, often leads to solving the wrong problem.

Self-doubt is actually a sophisticated and nuanced response to psychological risk.

When self-doubt is really loud, it just means that
the most fearful part of you is in charge.

Your job is to help this part of you feel safe.


So many of us avoid, dismiss and ignore our self-doubt. We've been told to infantilise it, or turn it into a caricature. And who hasn't bought a crystal to try and manifest our way around it? (smokey quartz, natch).

It's no surprise if these tactics haven't worked for you.

Self-doubt is your ‘inner protector’ – it's the part of your psyche that tries to safeguard your psychologically security. Ultimately, it finds a squillion different ways to say: 'don't do that, you might hurt yourself'.

It isn’t until we explore what self-doubt is trying to protect you from and why this feels risky, that you can open up to the compassionate work of healing the root causes of your self-doubt.

Self-belief School is where you learn how. 

Self-belief School is for you if...

  • Holding back from sharing your ideas, your preferences, and your heart is stifling your spirit. You are sick of feeling like you are never quite capable, loveable, or good enough.
  • So much of your energy is spent worrying if you've offended someone. You're prone to replaying conversations hours later and second-guessing the 'hidden meaning' of WhatsApp messages.
  • You find it difficult to internalise praise, success or achievements. Meanwhile, you're constantly doing things in the hope you'll be noticed, appreciated and validated by others.
  • You put other people's needs, opinions and preferences above your own, by default. You feel undervalued, tired and resentful.
  • You don’t really trust yourself to create that thing you want. Any setback or unexpected challenge means you give up because ‘what’s the point?’
  • You're a Champion Procrastiphaffer (MY PEOPLE!) which causes tensions and disappointments, but at least you won't be judged on the finished product of something you never complete, right?
  • Decision-making is the seventh circle of doom. 'How do I know what I want? What’s the right thing to do?' So you're crowdsourcing your choices, feeling increasingly uncertain and blaming yourself for not magically knowing the right answer.
  • You've tried affirmations, manifestations, and desperation. And you know there has to be a healthier way to access robust Self-belief.
  • You thought you would have it figured out by now, but life feels flat. Something is missing, and you don’t know exactly what you want, but you do know it's not ‘this’.
  • You look at other people and wonder how they know what to say and what to do. Everyone else seems to have their shit together, while you feel you're missing the necessary ingredients for adulting.

I want you to know nothing has gone wrong.

What people say
about Self-belief School...

I am enormously grateful for SBS. At nearly 63, I have tried so many ways to learn to cherish myself, and the Gordian knot of my own limiting choices is finally being undone. I am stunned by the changes I have made and the understandings I have had. I am more at ease in my own self and more hopeful about my future.

- Mary

It's amazing! New ways of looking at self-doubt that goes way beyond the typical inner critic ideas. We're looking at *why* we have these less-than-helpful beliefs, and even if this brings up uncomfortable feelings, there is plenty of warm and kind support. It's not something to "get through" I love that I can immerse myself in this work.

- Susan

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and care in adjusting the programme as we've gone through. I feel really listened to and seen, but also like you are modelling using the tools that you are sharing with us, and listening to yourself, too. Thanks for sharing your process and showing us the work behind decisions.

- Christine

Join today and access the Self-belief School LIVE Programme


Each year run the Self-belief School LIVE programme.

This is where you can join a Coaching Circle, led by a Certified Self-belief Coach to go through the programme step by step. Here are some reasons why you want to make sure you come along:

  • You have a dedicated time each week to go through the SBS programme (so helpful if you find you never quite get around to self-paced learning).
  • You have the camaraderie of learning in a group (for those of us who find it tricky to learn on our own, this makes such a difference).
  • You can ask questions and seek support as you are learning (immediate, tailored support for you).
  • You'll be encouraged to apply your learning as we go through the programme (this means you'll be witnessing your self-doubt shift in real-time).
  • We'll be Coaching as we go! Our SBS LIVE calls are about the key learning for each module (if you get overwhelmed or your perfectionist comes out to play when you are learning - this is for you).

You’ll be guided the whole way through!

Self-belief School LIVE begins Wednesday 10th of July 2024 and there are three Coaching Circles to cover timezones.

Here’s how the
curriculum breaks down:

You'll have lifetime access to all Ten Modules. Each module is taught in bite-sized video lessons, supported by the Self-belief School Playbook where you'll find self-reflection exercises and coaching tools designed to help you make sense of your specific experience. There is also a lively discussion forum and of course - real-time compassionate coaching support!

Module One
Understanding Self-doubt
  • Learn why self-doubt is showing up for you in particular ways and in specific areas of your life (your experience is completely personal and unique to you).
  • Explore the very important protective purpose of self-doubt and how to recognise when this is happening.
  • Gently explore the risks that feel crunchy for you: (the main ones: rejection, disappointment, success, failure, conflict, judgement and complexity) and how to practice taking care of your heart.
Module Two
Making Peace with your Protector
  • Your self-doubt is so much more sophisticated than a 'self-sabotaging inner-critic'! We'll explore the four core patterns of self-doubt - underpinned by recognisable beliefs and behaviours.
  • Get really proficient at recognising your protective patterns - these are not who you are - but how you tend to respond to risk.
  • Discover how to help your Protector feel safe through specific, gentle and creative, resistance-free experiments.
Module Three
The Root Causes of your Self-doubt
  • Your self-doubt is always here for a bloody good reason! We'll explore what your self-doubt is trying to protect you from, and why this feels risky.
  • Using creative self-reflection exercises, we'll take a gentle look at the past experiences and how you made sense of what happened. We'll make connections to your protective patterns in the here and now.
  • You'll start to explore what meaning your wiser, healthy adult self can offer you now. This is healing, compassionate work.
Module Four
Changing your Self-doubt Story
  • Learn how to intentionally untangle from the protective beliefs that are in charge, when Self-doubt is loud. This is one module you are likely to come back to again and again!
  • Practice two incredibly powerful self-coaching tools: for when your protective belief feels outdated or something you've inherited, and another for helping you to access the voice of your Healthy Adult Self.
  • This is where you start to see how you can make choices in the moment self-doubt shows up to respond from your most grounded, compassionate, resourced self.
Module Five
Growing Self-belief
  • Self-belief is at the heart of everything we do (and don't) create. This is your inner-leadership - your Sovereignty. It's the fire in your belly that offers you the vision for your life, offers you guideposts in the form of your values, and endless encouragement to create a life of meaning, fulfilment and joy!
  • This module is about bringing Self-belief into your lived experience. Explore fun and creative approaches: what to do when you have no idea what you want, how to access and personalise your Values, how to live in alignment with your vision every day.
Module Six
Growing Self-acceptance
  • Self-acceptance is about being in relationship with your whole self - including the full spectrum of emotions and needs, your past, and any aspects you wish were different (but aren't).  Its's the ever-evolving flow of your life.
  • We'll explore practices for meeting all the parts of you, the relationships in your life right now, and how to honour your needs, emotions and preferences. As you belong to yourself, connecting with others is more genuine, authentic and true.
Module Seven
Growing Self-worth
  • Self-worth is all about how to advocate for yourself - including what's ok and what's not ok, the space you allow ourselves to take up and how you look after our boundaries. Self-worth comes to life through accessing your inner-Warrior - what you stand for - this has real energy!
  • We'll explore how to get clear on what is ok and not ok for you, how to take care of yourself with healthy boundaries and how to advocate for what matters to you. You'll see that no one has to change for you to be ok. Radical self-responsibility brings a tonne of freedom!
Module Eight
Growing Self-trust
  • Self-trust is rooted in making decisions, and having discernment. Learning how to tun in to what is true for you - through your intuition and your intellect is so helpful. As you bring your inner-wisdom to life, you access creative solutions, optimism and faith in yourself. You have Sage energy inside of you.
  • We'll explore how to tune in to what 'yes' and 'no' feels like for you, how to explore your choices so you can make decisions that feel good to you and how to get out of waiting to feel ready, crowd-sourcing opinions or getting locked into all or nothing thinking.
Module Nine
Living from your Healthy Adult Self
  • This module is all about bringing your Healthy Adult Self resources of self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust together. I'm sharing practice for accessing your Healthy Adult Self before you respond and evolves your self-talk into a helpful and compassionate voice - more like a wise and supportive friend.
  • I also share some of the psychological theory that underpins the Self-belief Coaching Framework. You'll get a behind the scenes peak into developmental psychology and how this can support us.
Module Ten
Courage-based Goals
  • Whatever goals, dreams or vague ideas you might want to start 'one day', the Courage-based Goals approach will support you! I've designed this approach specifically for those of us with self-doubt, so you can take imperfect, daily action based on how much courage you feel.
  • This is really fun and creative and involves absolutely no perfection, minimal planning and maximum progress. You can use this approach for any kind of goal. Some recent client examples: meet a partner, start a podcast, express gender identity, sort out a budget, launch a coaching programme, develop a consistent morning routine.

This is brave, healing work.

When you are connected to who you are underneath your self-doubt, life is richer: more meaningful, more fulfilling. You experience more moments of joy.

This isn’t some mystical or laborious thing, nor is it reserved for the privileged few.

Self-belief School is a practical, implementable, evidence-based, trauma-informed, proven, original approach for you to make conscious choices and create a life that fits YOU.

You’ll make tangible changes in how you think and feel and in what you create and do.

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You'll have lifetime access.
No rush. No feeling 'behind'.

Here’s what's included:
SBS-core curriculum
The Self-belief School Programme

Ten modules with super practical tools to take you from self-doubt to self-belief. You’ll learn fresh and fun concepts you can use again and again, and take action at your own pace. The whole programme is evidence-based and trauma-informed.  

LIVE Coaching, forever

Join rich, supportive coaching sessions with like-minded souls. We have almost weekly coaching sessions because it’s when we start to apply new learning, that we need the most help: you won’t have to do this alone. Our calls are at different times to cover your timezone.

SBS Playbook Icon-min
The Self-belief School PLAYBOOK

A freakin' gorgeously designed container to support your experience of Self-belief School. You'll find tips, templates of the coaching tools and other resources to fortify your progress. Getting it printed so you can write in the margins is highly encouraged!

SBS - Discussion Forum
A supportive discussion forum

Separate from all other social media, you’ll have a space to ask questions, share and connect. Because we need to experience that we are not alone, (or unlucky or cursed!), to really know that self-doubt is a universal human experience.

SBS - Additional classes
Bonus classes + additional workshops

Extra classes throughout the year are designed to help you implement and practice tools from the core programme. With expert guides and guest workshops, we'll explore the topics that matter to you.

SBS - Coaching Circle

Each year we'll run the programme 'live' where you can join a Coaching Circle, led by a Certified Self-belief Coach to go through the programme step by step. You’ll be guided the whole way through.

Hello you!

I'm delighted you've made your way here.

Self-doubt is my story too. I spent decades over-delivering and people-pleasing and trying to find somewhere I belonged. It left me exhausted, disappointed and lonely. I wanted to make changes, but I didn't need Captain obvious self-help; I needed to learn how to be with myself, how to have my own back, whatever happened.

Over the last decade, I’ve coached with hundreds of people to heal the root causes of their self-doubt. I have an MA in Coaching, and my Master’s dissertation was a deep study of the experience of self-doubt. Self-belief School is evidence-based, fun and deeply compassionate.

I'll be hosting our coaching sessions. Bring your questions, challenges, and celebrations on anything that is coming up for you, and we'll figure it out together. 

Healing our self-doubt - especially in a community with others - is creative, nourishing and courageous work. It’s an absolute labour of love to walk beside you.

Sas x


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What people say
about Self-belief School...

There's so much absolutely brilliant content and I know I'll be returning to it time and again. The coaching calls (both group and circle) feel to me to be the heart of the programme - the practical outpouring of care and action towards self-belief - I love that these are not 'nice-to-haves' but essential components. I am so grateful for the time, expertise and gentle nudging.

- Fiona

Self-belief School is comprehensive, interactive, takes you deep and is excellent value for money. It's the best investment you can make in yourself, the results come from the work. I've been genuinely moved by the other women's experiences and so grateful to be there to share them. The fact it's for a year makes me feel I'm not alone in this journey and that it will enable profound, not just short-term, change in me.

- Kate

This has been the coaching programme that I have felt safest in. This safety has facilitated me to take the content from an intellectual level into an actionable place, something that I have felt I haven't quite been able to do before. The coaches do an incredible job, always being so kind, supportive, and responsive - a very special shout-out to Lisa. Thank you so much Sas for such a wonderful, truly transformational programme.

- Li-Yeng

There is room for all of you.

The fundamentally unique, never-to-be-repeated, utter one-offness of YOU, is deeply valued here. Your needs, goals, values, and perspectives - your presence - are both welcome and necessary for this collective experience.

Please know there is a seat for you at the Self-belief School table, and all of you is welcome – including your age, nationality, gender expression, religious traditions, physical ability, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, body size, neurodiversity, visible and invisible disability, racial identity and your choice of pronouns.

The uncertain, awkward parts of you are welcome. Know that there is a place for you even if you never say a word out loud. And I invite you to notice any protective beliefs that say it’s not safe for you to join in. This is an opportunity to try on the part of you that wants to get more involved.

You can rely on me, the Self-belief Coaches and the support team to hold this group with collective boundaries and individual accountability.

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Questions you might have...


Want to chat?

I'm so happy to help you decide if Self-belief School
is right for you.

Please know my door is wide open to you! Just click below to send a note, and we can take it from there.