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If you want to know what life is like on the other side of self-doubt,

Self-belief School was made for you.

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You might have heard Self-doubt characterised as a self-sabotaging inner-critic we should stop listening to. But reducing self-doubt to something that should be dismissed or ignored means we end up solving the WRONG problem.

Self-doubt is actually a sophisticated and complex response to psychological risk.


Self-doubt is our ‘inner protector’ – it's the part of our psyche that tries to keep us psychologically safe. Ultimately, it finds a squillion different ways to say: 'don't do that, you might hurt yourself'.

And it isn’t until we explore precisely what self-doubt is trying to protect you from and why this feels risky, that you can open up to the compassionate work of healing the root causes of your self-doubt and begin to cultivate robust self-belief.

I'm inviting you into a coaching experience like no other. 

I'm obsessed with your self-doubt and deeply invested in your self-belief.

Self-belief School is a fresh and fun programme to help you navigate through your Self-doubt.

Using proven approaches, practical tools and evidence-based concepts, you’ll be deeply supported to make sense of your particular flavour of self-doubt, and minimise the ways it is holding you back while honouring your particular circumstances, values, needs and preferences.

This is a rich, effective, proven programme designed to be implemented during our time together.

You’ll make tangible changes in how you think and feel and in what you create and do.

So many of us avoid, dismiss and ignore our self-doubt. We've been told to infantilise it, make friends with it, or turn it into a caricature. And who hasn't bought a crystal to try and manifest our way around it? (smokey quartz, natch).


The truth is, Self-doubt is an invitation to do the courageous and compassionate work, of exploring our realtionship with ourselves.

Because even a life rooted in self-belief, self-trust, self-acceptance and self-worth is not magically free of self-doubt (I know, this feels like a design flaw to me too). 

The world is always going to come at us with everything from entrenched systemic barriers, to brands trying to sell us 'confidence in an eye cream' to the petty comments from Aaron in sales.

Now you have somewhere to go.


Self-belief School is for you if...

  • Holding back from sharing your ideas, your preferences, and your heart is stifling your spirit. You are sick of feeling like you are never quite capable, loveable, or good enough.
  • So much of your energy is spent worrying if you've offended someone. You're prone to replaying conversations hours later and second-guessing the 'hidden meaning' of WhatsApp messages.
  • You find it difficult to internalise praise, success or achievements. Meanwhile, you're constantly doing things in the hope you'll be noticed, appreciated and validated by others.
  • You put other people's needs, opinions and preferences above your own, by default. You feel undervalued, tired and resentful.
  • You don’t really trust yourself to create that thing you want. Any setback or unexpected challenge means you give up because ‘what’s the point?’
  • You're a Champion Procrastiphaffer (MY PEOPLE!) which causes tensions and disappointments, but at least you won't be judged on the finished product of something you never complete, right?
  • Decision-making is the seventh circle of doom. 'How do I know what I want? What’s the right thing to do?' So you're crowdsourcing your choices, feeling increasingly uncertain and blaming yourself for not magically knowing the right answer.
  • You've tried affirmations, manifestations, and desperation. And you know there has to be a healthier way to access robust Self-belief.
  • You thought you would have it figured out by now, but life feels flat. Something is missing, and you don’t know exactly what you want, but you do know it's not ‘this’.
  • You look at other people and wonder how they know what to say and what to do. Everyone else seems to have their shit together, while you feel you're missing the necessary ingredients for adulting.

I want you to know
nothing has gone wrong.

When you decide to work with your self-doubt, the impact on your life absolutely feels like magic.

When you are connected to who you are underneath your self-doubt, life is richer: more meaningful, more fulfilling. You experience more moments of joy.

This isn’t some mystical or laborious thing, nor is it reserved for the privileged few.

Self-belief School is a practical, implementable, evidence-based, trauma-informed, proven, original approach for you to make conscious choices and create a life that fits YOU.

You'll be unconditionally supported by me, a team of Self-belief Coaches and a community of humans: we're all rooting for you!

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