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If you want to know what life is like on the other side of self-doubt,

Self-belief School was made for you.

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You might have heard Self-doubt characterised as a self-sabotaging inner-critic we should stop listening to. But reducing self-doubt to something that should be dismissed or ignored means we end up solving the WRONG problem.

Self-doubt is actually a sophisticated and complex response to psychological risk.


It is our ‘inner-protector’ – it's the part of our psyche that tries to keep us psychologically safe. Ultimately, it finds a squillion different ways to say: 'don't do that, you might hurt yourself'.

And it isn’t until we explore precisely what self-doubt is trying to protect you from, and why this feels risky, that you can open up to the compassionate work of healing the root causes of your self-doubt and begin to cultivate robust self-belief.

I am inviting you into a coaching experience like no other. If you’ve ever wondered who you could be on the other side of self-doubt, this is where you find out.

I am obsessed with your self-doubt and
unconditionally committed to your self-belief.

Self-belief School is a fresh and fun programme to help you navigate through your Self-doubt.

Using proven approaches, practical tools and evidence-based concepts, you’ll be deeply supported to make sense of your particular flavour of self-doubt, and minimise the ways it is holding you back while honouring your particular circumstances, values, needs and preferences.

This is a rich, effective, proven programme designed to be implemented during our time together. 

You’ll make tangible changes in how you think and feel and in what you create and do.

Imagine in a few short months you have...

  • Uncovered the root causes of your self-doubt, and exactly how this might have stopped you from fulfilling your goals and dreams in your life until now.
  • Connected to what has heart and meaning to you, in your life right now and you are witnessing yourself play with new ways of being you.
  • Practised some core coaching tools and you are seeing evidence that you can gently interrupt your self-doubt, you can speak to yourself with compassion, you have an enormous amount of choice in every moment.
  • Begun to actually like yourself and to enjoy your life. Whaaaaat?! 
  • A deep sense of what safety feels like in your body. That deep, calm presence that you have your own back, no matter what happens.

That's what Self Belief School is all about

When your healthy adult self is leading, you can connect to the dreams and goals for your future with ease and excitement. And you can trust yourself to always know exactly what the next step is.


Think: raising your standards for love, paying attention to your needs, not letting other people’s opinions dictate how you feel about yourself, changing careers, experimenting with that side-gig, building your business with joy, saying 'no' guilt-free, dancing with your creativity, giving yourself double guns every time you pass a mirror because bloody hell you like what you see! 


This is for you if...

  • You are sick of feeling like you are never quite capable, loveable or instagrammable enough - so you hold back from sharing your ideas, your work, your heart. You’re constantly comparing yourself to other people.
  • When it comes to connections with others, you tend to show up as a compromised version of yourself. You're prone to replaying conversations in your mind, second-guessing the 'hidden meaning' of WhatsApp messages and trying to manage everybody's impression of you.
  • You’re constantly overworking to prove that you deserve any small win (which you probably don’t ever stop to enjoy or celebrate!). You find it difficult to internalise praise, success or validation.
  • You constantly undervalue your contribution: you might be under-pricing, over-delivering, under-playing, or over-giving but the goal is to be super easy-going and ‘Low Maintenance'. You hardly ever state your needs or emotions for fear of being too much.
  • Even if you have a really good idea why you hold yourself back, you don’t trust yourself to make changes. Any setback or unexpected challenge means you give up because ‘what’s the point, nothing has worked before, it’s unlikely to start now and this is proof!
  • You are a Champion Procrastiphaffer (MY PEOPLE!) which causes delays and tensions and disappointments. But at least you can’t be judged on the finished product of something you never complete, right?!
  • Decision-making is the seventh circle of doom. How do I know what I want? What’s the right thing to do? So you are crowdsourcing your choices, feeling increasingly uncertain and then  blaming yourself for not magically knowing the right answer.
  • You have tried affirmations, manifestations, and desperation. And you know there has to be a deeper way to access a robust feeling of Self-belief.
  • You followed the script. You did everything right. But something is missing. You don’t know exactly what you want, but you do know it's not ‘this’.
  • You look at other people and wonder how they just know what to say and what to do. Everyone else seems to have their shit together, while you feel like you're missing the necessary ingredients for adulting.

I want you to know nothing has gone wrong.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Kind Words from Past Clients...

I remember clearly that after I hit the button to pay for my coaching package with Sas, I thought: ‘Right, well that’s a waste of money because I do not have the balls to change my life’. Before I started coaching with Sas, my wildest dreams, and my biggest fears seemed all wrapped up together in a big mess that was keeping me stuck and unhappy. Sas – with her amazing way of encouraging, cheerleading, ass-kicking, and bullshit-calling – has helped me to unpack all of that and find my way through. And that change I’d never have the balls to make? Yeah. I made it! Sas brought genuine magic to our work together.

Debra Cowie

For anyone who feels frozen by their self-doubt – working with Sas has made me reevaluate my whole life and went far beyond my initial expectations. Within weeks I went to a networking event that I would NEVER have done without this work, and I have started implementing real changes. I am becoming more open to talking about myself, and even my successes (occasionally) and I have stopped panicking (a bit less, anyway!) about wanting huge success immediately.

Penny Badowska

This programme has been life-changing. There have been so many WOW moments – like understanding the existence of unconscious beliefs; a complete revelation to me and when I dug them up my self-doubt made perfect sense! I can see how I have spent years waiting for everything to be perfect until I took action. The development of tangible self-belief has been so fabulous – I feel I have a new kind of toolkit. For anyone wanting to get to know their self-doubt – WORK WITH SAS – this is incredible value, worth every single penny.

Debbie Battersby

Exploring my path of resistance with Sas has pushed me through personal barriers that I didn’t even realize existed after 20+ years of therapy. Sas creates a safe atmosphere that gives you the permission you didn’t realize you were seeking. Our sessions provided me with the courage to leap and I feel as if I am soaring. 

Jen Everitt

Sas’ approach led to some profound new insights for me.  I have a much better understanding of who I am and my unconscious beliefs, this has helped me to feel so much better equipped to plan where I want to go next. Understanding what’s going on in that head of mine has helped my confidence and I don’t appear to be going into those spirals of self-doubt anymore. I loved that this work is evidence based. It’s all stayed with me and I’m still using what I learned, months later.

Jane Shuttleworth

Instead of trying to fix what’s wrong with me, this helped me to feel, understand, accept and change some of my behaviours. It’s much deeper than anything else I’ve done. Sas’ profound kindness and sense of humour made a huge difference. I loved that there was no bullshit language – just helpful practical guidance. I was able to use everything I learnt very quickly. Even if you think you’ve done so many things for yourself, try this.

Anna Piot
Coach & Therapist

After coaching with Sas I know I am worthy and capable of being my best bad-ass self, loving this new life and creating magic and possibility every single day!  PTSD had been kicking my butt for several years and recovery had been expensive, painful, soul-sucking and slow. Through Sas’ deep questions, fun homework, and faith in me, I found long forgotten joy, colour and hope bubbling up in my body. Sas rocks – just find a way to do it!

Marilyn Turnley