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Esme Filsinger

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Esme Filsinger

Esme coaches folks to step away from shitty conditioning and self-doubt, and step into who they need and desire to be in their creative work.

Esme launched their coaching practice in May 2020, and they have been helping folks renegotiate relationships with their creative work ever since. Previously Esme worked as a business manager at a non-profit and was a creative freelancer for many years. Their work has a social justice lens, and they have ADHD.

They believe that you are an imaginative, creative human; you have a burning desire to create an impact in the world through your work. They also understand how challenging creative work can be; that often you cannot get clear on how to actually do the bloody work, let alone feel confident in putting it out in the world! They also know this: that it is totally possible to do creative work in a way that honours your own unique needs and boundaries in a way that feels authentic.

Esme is based in the UK – click here to check your timezone.

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What clients say about

coaching with them

“My time with Esme was so beneficial. I was feeling really overwhelmed with how to approach making changes in my business and dreading hearing that I had a lot of work to do.

Esme was so reassuring, she pointed out all the things that I already had in place which made me breathe a sigh of relief and also has given me the confidence to continue making small manageable adjustments to my business that I know will have a long term impact.

Esme put me at ease from the word go and during our session, and I felt totally comfortable and free to ask questions and raise any worries that I had. Highly recommend any business owner looking for clarity and accountability to get in touch with Esme.”

Fiona Thomas
freelance writer and Amazon bestselling author

“Before enrolling in coaching with Esme, I felt very frustrated with my work situation. I was working in an industry that I had always aspired to work in but had fallen out of love with. I knew I wanted to change direction but didn’t know what a new path could look like.

Through coaching with Esme, I was able to really take a step back from what I was doing and assess my work, as well as my life as a whole. I have been able to give myself permission to stop, rest and take time to really reflect on what I want my next steps to be, instead of rushing into something new or staying on the same path.

I feel like I have completely overhauled my life through our work together! I really valued the flexibility, and Esme’s approach was always adapting – finding the right balance between supporting me and encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone
I now have a completely different perspective on my work and how I want it to fit into my life, rather than the other way around. Through coaching, I have been able to recognise my people pleasing tendencies and how this behaviour was negatively impacting my work and my life beyond. Coming to this realisation was something that I was resistant to at first but, with Esme’s non-judgemental guidance, I was able to accept this about myself and take steps to change this behaviour. Steps which have radically changed my wellbeing and quality of life. Recognising and changing these patterns has been truly life changing.”

Hannah Buckler