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Georgina Green

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Georgina Green

Dr Georgina Green (George) works with emerging and unpublished fiction writers. She knows that when your writing is flowing, it can be bliss. But it can be disheartening when we struggle to make time to write, or when procrastination, perfectionism or indecision slow our progress.

George wants you to know that she’s never met a writer who didn’t feel this way at times, and she experienced this herself first hand when revising her book for publication back when she was a literary scholar. She wishes she knew about coaching at the time!

Since having kids and leaving academia, George has found her new vocation in helping fiction writers transcend their doubt, get back to enjoying writing, and get their stories onto their page.

Georgina is based in the UK – click here to check your timezone.

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What clients say about

coaching with them

“Georgina Green, book coach extraordinaire. Sitting at your kitchen table with strong coffee and your lovely cat made me love writing again.”

From the Acknowledgements of Sophie Flynn’s All My Lies (Simon & Schuster: 2021)

“I would recommend George to any writer, at any stage in their career, or to anybody at all following an idea to a page. She will open you to parts of your own abilities you didn’t know were there and help you find your own answers to the questions you didn’t previously know how to ask yourself.”