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Annique Sampson

Hello, my name is Annique Sampson. I’m a mother, a gardener, a devout tea drinker, and a lover of all things wild. 

I am a Midwife of Transformation. 

A former baby catcher turned Certified Coach, I help stuck 30s and 40s somethings say no to what’s not working so they can say yes to what they really want (in work, relationships + life). 

As a recovering people pleaser and overthinker, I spent so much time worrying about what others think and all the “what ifs” that I left myself behind. 

Now I’m on a mission to heal myself and the world through self-love and acceptance. I second guess myself less and trust myself more – and help my clients do the same. 

Ready to stop scrolling and start living? I am the coach for you.

Annique is based in Oregon, USA – click here to check your timezone.

Other Qualifications:
  • Presence-Based Coach Training, 2021
  • Coaching with Spirit Coach Training, The Graduate Institute, 2021
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Denver Center for SFBT, 2021
  • Certified Coach,The Life Coach School, 2018
  • Playing Big Facilitators Training, Tara Mohr, 2018
  • Parts Work (IFS) for Coaches, Leadership That Works, 2016 & 2021
  • Professional Certified Coach, Coaching for Transformation, Leadership That Works, 2016

What clients say about

coaching with them

Through my work with Annique, I got out of a 3-year rut, quit a job that wasn’t working, started my own business, am working out, started dating again, and am making better decisions overall. I am more confident, more secure and more satisfied with life. Annique is 5 stars, A rated, off the charts. I can’t stop recommending her to friends and family.

Annique, you are so lovely to talk to! I love your open-minded, open-hearted, non-judgmental vibe. You call forth the best in me.