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Episode 151: How to be Joyful with Karen Arthur

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My brilliant guest today is Karen Arthur, menopause activist, campaigner, and host of the podcast Menopause whilst Black. She is also a teacher, a fashionista, and a grandmother, and does all of this with unrelnting wholehearted joy.

Karen joins us to talk about the balance of feeling joy amidst increasingly troubling world news, embracing the aging process, and putting your energy toward meaningful change, note to mention a whole range of goodness about how we connect ourselves to the world.

You can find out mroe about Karen at


“Instagram is my weapon of choice. And I don’t mind being visible as long as I’m visible on my own terms.”

“It all goes back to not doing something just because everybody else is doing it, but doing it because it feels right.”

“I’m loving the collective resistance that I’m seeing happening around the world, whether it’s walking out of the Senate, schools, turning up for marches, speaking out, having vigils. It’s incredible.”

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