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149: How to let go of the risk of failure (part 2)


This week, we’re taking a closer look at how to approach the fear of failure so that you can let go of it for good.

The threat of failure brings up a lot of very real worries and feelings, which are completely valid. Failure is so wrapped up in our sense of self, what we’re capable of, and our hopes for the future… no wonder we put so much effort into avoiding it.

In this episode, I share the experiences that taught me to recontextualise goals in terms of ideas, commitment, and decisions. Practice this and you will never fail again!


“Just notice: what are you committed to? Where do you feel that in your body? What are you willing to keep doing until?  And then there is no way you can fail.”

“It takes time to really sink into commitment. Every single time you keep a promise to yourself, you’re edging closer to sinking into the commitment feeling.”

“It’s worth reflecting on your reasoning. Do you love the reason that you’ve decided to not take an idea into the next stage?”

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