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148: How to let go of the risk of failure Part 1


Are you afraid of failure? You are definitely not alone. The fear of failure is such a big reason for self-doubt to show up. 

To complicate it even more, we define failure in so many ways, from not making the cut, to guilt around something unfulfilled, all the way to something simply not going your way.

This is a bit of a personal one for me as I’ve been diagnosed with ‘heart failure’ and I’ve been playing with my relationship to failure for the last few months. I want to share my learnings for how I’ve made some deep peace with this.

Tune in for the first of two episodes.


“We make failure mean that something is bad or wrong with us, usually because we’ve been told that. We’ve been told that failure is a form of humiliation. Of course we would avoid it at all costs if we don’t believe we can tolerate it.”

“We forget that because we’ve failed in the past, we have so much more information. We’re experienced, more understanding, older and wiser and more resourced.”

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