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Episode 124: Big Birthday Thoughts – the glorious joy of being ordinary


Last year I did a big birthday thoughts episode – just jamming on what’s on my mind right now. So today it’s my 49th birthday and these are my big birthday thoughts.

If you’re at a crossroads or coming up to a new stage of your life, you might be curious to hear how I’m navigating this time of my life.

If you’re curious about what it feels like to build a life that fits you, in all your humanness, I offer some reflections on what this has felt like for me.

Perhaps you’d like just to tune in for a chat and reflection on another human living their life, through all the messy disappointment, beauty and wonder. Bring your tea!



You can quote me on that…
“What does it mean to build a life that allows self-doubt to be part of it, that compassionately brings it along?” Sas Petherick.

“There is no distance to go, it’s about presence.” Sas Petherick

“I am both an over-functioner and I am very ordinary. I have an idea of a quite big, bright, colourful life, and in relative terms, it’s quite small, it’s quite ordinary. All of that is true.” Sas Petherick

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