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Episode 125: Behind The Scenes (Literally) Of A Conversation with 6 & 7 Figure Coaches

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I’m really excited to bring you this episode today, especially for all the coaches in the house as I share an incredible conversation I had recently with a few members of my business mastermind group.

In this round table conversation, I’m joined by Ellie SwiftTaryn BoltSofia Bernardi and Nivek Harrison as we talk about all the aspects of running a coaching business – the good, the bad and everything in between. 

This was such a generous conversation and I know you’re going to get so many takeaways as we talk about what we would do if we were starting out in business again. 

These incredible women have taught me so much about what it means to be in a community, and being surrounded by their support, encouragement and wisdom has been next-level awesome.

If you’re in that first phase of making lots of decisions in your business and perhaps feeling a bit lonely, this conversation will be a breath of fresh air for you.



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