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Episode 139: Unhinged Enthusiasm With Ellie Kime


My guest today is Ellie Kime, writer, founder of Enthusiast and Co. and publisher of Voracious Magazine. Ellie has a master’s degree in enthusiasm (yes…literally!) and is here to share what it really means to live with unbridled passion for the things you love most.

We’re throwing away surface-level good vibes and toxic positivity and diving deep into what it means to be joyfully enthusiastic. Tune in for advice on how to live by your own rules when it comes to business, hobbies, creativity, and everything in between.

You can find out more about Ellie at:


“My conclusion is to just to stop playing by the rules, cause if we can’t win then let’s play our own game.”

“Even if you can’t find somebody with your very specific enthusiasms, surround yourself with a group of people who really understand the depth of your enthusiasm, the embodiment of how it feels.”

“You’ve just got to do everything with love. Otherwise what’s the point?”

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