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Episode 94: Goodbyes are hard: grief, loss and endings


As we come to the end of 2021, we have almost 150 thousand families in the UK grieving the loss of loved ones from Covid19, about 1 in 4 people are looking to change their job in the next 12 months and divorces and separations have massively increased over this pandemic period.

I know for many of us there is grief, loss and endings in many shapes and forms. It doesn’t seem to matter if endings are ambiguous or even chosen, loss is HARD! So it’s no wonder we resist endings, we just aren’t very good at them.

In this episode I really dive deep into the different types of grief and why every type is valid, I hope you can take comfort in my words as we share in this as a collective.

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • Why we find grief, loss and endings so damn HARD! 
  • Grief exists on a massive spectrum, it’s not just about the loss of a loved one – all grief is legitimate and I talk about all the different types of grief and why they all matter. 
  • The sense of grieving, even when we are not directly impacted (and I talk about my own families loss in this area.)
  • I discuss the emotional symptoms that come with grief, including the ones that surprise us. 
  • How grief can help us move on with our lives and ultimately make us better people. 
  • I go through 5 different ways of doing endings and grieving well from a healthy adult self. 

Why you should listen

Grief, loss and endings are everywhere at the moment and it this episode I’ll talk more about how we can manage these feelings. I really hope this episode helps you feel more supported and less alone. If like me, you’ve had endings that haven’t been acknowledged growing up, this is the episode for you.


The 5 Stages of Grief by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
On Death and Dying by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges 

You can quote me on that…

“Grief is complex; it’s a kaleidoscope of humanity that doesn’t have to involve the other person, it’s doesn’t have to be big or significant. If you loose something that’s important to you, it’s super natural to experience grief.”  – Sas Petherick

“There is no one correct way to experience grief, but you can expect that your grief will change and evolve as you do.” – Sas Petherick

“Every transition ends with a new beginning.” William Bridges

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