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Episode 26: How to take up space online with Ray Dodd

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Visibility is a key trigger of self-doubt. Taking up space – sharing our opinions, preference and beliefs can feel incredibly vulnerable and exposing. Many of us hide or wait until we feel ready, we lurk in various circles and groups, hoping to fly under the radar. For anyone with an online business, there can be a huge tension between needing to market and sell our work, and the need to protect ourselves from the vulnerability of visibility. 

If this sounds familiar this episode is a massive permission slip-love letter-rallying cry to take up space. 

Ray Dodd began her online empire after founding her own hypnobirthing company. She expanded the company and after a few years, grew her mission. Ray writes about how seeing women at both their most vulnerable and powerful, served as a compass to the next iteration of her work. 

Now she runs a thriving business coaching practice helping mothers take up space, hold their vulnerability and power as they develop their new ventures. Ray is one of the best and funniest women on Instagram Stories. I love just how bloody real and human she is. Mostly, I love how she leads.

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