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Episode 112: You can sit with us: Self-doubt and the Sisterhood Wound


In this week’s solo episode, I wanted to share something that feels particularly alive to me right now: female friendships.

I have just returned from a weekend ‘self-love’ retreat hosted by past podcast guest Karen Johnston (you can check out my interview with the marvellous Karen in episode 94) and my three beloved friends, Pippa, Philippa and Helen.

And because of them, and me and the way Karen held the space and the alignment of planets, something was healed in me in real-time about a deep source of self-doubt: female friendships – and particularly groups of women.

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • I share a bit about my past experiences with female friendships, the experiences of my teenage self and how it has shaped my self-doubt around groups of female friends. 
  • I talk about how I have now been able to move into a place of safety with the female friendships in the hope that it can help some of us who may have a similar story. 
  • How training to be a coach fundamentally changed the story for me; to a place of truly liking all parts of myself. 
  • I explain how the sisterhood wound can present and how you can experiment with healing these stories. 

Why you should listen

Many of us have had really heartbreaking experiences with other women: friendships that have ended with no closure – or the energy just goes out of it. We get ghosted. Someone decides they were completely wrong about us and actually we have all these character defects and that’s it – it’s over!

If this sounds familiar, there is absolutely hope for finding our people and resting in friendships that uplift us, support us and keep us grounded.


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You can quote me on that…

“Life is fucking complicated and hard and confusing especially now with the increased facial hair and the night sweats. We need our women friends like oxygen.” – Sas Petherick

“Find the women that feel safe to you. The ones that would hide a body for you. The ones where you love who you are when you are around them.” – Sas Petherick

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