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Episode 135: How to go deeper with Coaching Clients


In this episode, we are addressing a topic that comes up all the time during Supervision sessions and in training coaches in the Self-belief Coaching Academy: how to go ‘deeper’ with coaching clients.

While the specifics for each of your individual clients will obviously vary, I wanted to spend some time looking at the generalised contexts that tend to be present. And also to know that this is a really, really common question for coaches to ask!

I’m sharing three approaches designed to help you access a deeper space with clients. 

I also share why a desire for new approaches is a great sign that you are evolving as a coach. Let’s get into it!

If you are ready to deepen your coaching presence and advance your coaching mastery, you are invited to consider the Self-belief Coaching Academy. This evidence-based, trauma-informed, ICF-accredited programme is specifically designed for practitioners whose clients are impacted by self-doubt. 


 “As coaches, we can get wedded to our client’s goals and we end up coaching around the goal and not the person. We can easily take it as a personal failure if the client doesn’t get to where they want to go. But what if the goal isn’t helpful for the client’s growth? What if the goal changes? What if the client achieves the goal but feels flat and disappointed? When we focus on goals, we can end up solving the wrong problem’.”

“The reasons that we have protective, resistant behaviours is no accident. They’ve served important purposes. But at some point, we need support to try new ways of doing things, of getting our needs met.”

“After the first 100 hours or so of client work, you may have taken your foundational coaching skills as far as you can. You are likely to be feeling curious and ready for more.”

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