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Episode 107: The four times Self-doubt comes up for Coaches (and how to navigate them)


This week, I thought it would be super helpful for us, as practitioners, to talk through the evolution of our work: namely the 4 times self-doubt shows up for us and how we can navigate these experiences. What I’ve come to experience and I hope you have too, is that our work is never linear. This week’s episode explores my own coaching life and the experiences of the hundreds of coaches I have had the pleasure of working with over the last decade. Enjoy!

So what’s this episode really about? 

There are 4 key evolutions in our work, with very loose boundaries between them all: 

  • Fresh out of Coach School: Unlearning and Experimenting – where we start to unlearn the idea that coaching is easy! We get to experience clients in all their glorious, messy, human-ness. 
  • Coaching Apprenticeship: how do I do this? – Your tools are now locked in and you start to become more present with your client. 
  • I share the three ‘flavours’ of coaching: be it a person, a problem or a Paradigm and how it will help to deepen your practice. 
  • Deepening into Practice: holding the contradictions – time to get back into learning and refreshing your skills. You could write a book, do an advanced degree, or switch up your business model. 
  • Mastery – The idea of reaching mastery might always feel a little edgy but there are reliable signs that you are at a different stage of your practice.

Why you should listen

In this episode, I not only share my practice journey, but I also offer simple solutions to every step of that journey. Just starting out? Thinking of re-branding? This is the episode for you, as I’ll share the simple steps you need to take to do this. Feel like you’re a seasoned pro at all this? I’ll share the reliable signs that suggest you are at that mastery stage in your practice and what you might do next. I am finding that as I dip into the edges of mastery what I really hunger for is expanding beyond the coaching world and seeing what piques my interest.


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You can quote me on that…

“Advice doesn’t work. It creates defensiveness and ‘yes, but…’ as well as reinforcing shame.” – Sas Petherick

“Experiment wildly with your business.” – Sas Petherick

“I really do wish there was a coaching sorting hat that just says ‘you–coaching for business rebels, you–supporting mums to reclaim their identity. You–THERAPY.’” – Sas Petherick

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