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Episode 102: Women of Substance: Liz, Susan + Marion


You are in for a treat folks – in this week’s episode I am joined by not one, but three wonderful coaches:  Liz Keifer, Susan Sutherland and Marion Langford.

They work with leaders, midlife people and people who want to show up as their true selves. Liz, Susan and Marion are are effervescent, laugh out loud funny, and full of wisdom and experience. They are also Self-belief Coaches who graduated from the very first round of the programme. I really hope you enjoy this super fun episode

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • We talk about the cultural narrative of women of a certain age giving up on themselves – the sense of running out of time, and do we still have time? (spoiler: it isn’t over till it’s over!). 
  • We talk about the advantages of having a few years under our belt as coaches.
  • We talk about their previous lives (a corporate leader, not for profit strategist and an actor who has worked with George Clooney and Jeff Goldblum) compliments coaching. 
  • They also talk about their experiences inside the Self-Belief Coaching Academy and how this work continues to impact their coaching.
  • We discuss the importance of having things to look forward to.

Why you should listen

Sit yourself down with a hot beverage of your choice for this wonderful conversation with three of the most intelligent and effervescent coaches I know. If you have reached a certain point in your life (hello middle age) and you don’t feel ready to disappear just yet, this is the episode for you!


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You can quote me on that…

“Even the best people, the most together people are not together.” – Marion Langford

“I’m more and more at peace with myself, so I can feel more and more at peace with others” – Liz Keifer

“Focusing on yourself, gives you more space to focus on other people.” – Susan Sutherland

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