I am committed to valuing the fundamental uniqueness of every person I encounter, whether that person is a programme participant, a coaching client, a coach I am supervising, a colleague or a fellow independent business owner that I pay for specific services.

Respect for each individual’s needs, goals, values, and points of view is one of my deeply held personal values.

All individuals, regardless of race, colour, age, nationality, gender identity including transgender and non-binary folks, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, body size, neurodiversity, visible and invisible disability, choice of pronouns, and status as a parent will be treated with respect and dignity.

I am continually learning about systems of oppression that we are all subject to. This means I strive to be aware of, and to challenge my own assumptions and biases. I actively seek to create spaces – both in-person and online – that are inclusive. I aim to challenge hegemonies and to question the lack of representation.

As this learning stretches and grows me, I endeavour to evolve the ways I show up to my work, in order to be of service.

I receive regular supervision as both a coach, and as a supervisor of coaches.

If you want to share anything with me about this policy, please get in touch anytime: