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Janelle Wehsack

Melbourne, Australia
Side Ferns
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Janelle Wehsack

I’m Janelle, a writer, speaker and certified coach who also happens to have 30 years experience – and counting – in the corporate world. I support professional women to dance with their self-doubt so that they can build tailor made, self-styled careers – and lives.

My coaching is for you if you’re:
– Aware that you’ve held yourself back from going for what you really want in both your career and your life;
– A nurturing, creative woman who puts everything into your family and career or business;
– A self confessed people pleaser, perfectionist or procrastinator;
– A woman who wants to feel positivity, vibrant energy and healthy balance in your life, while knowing you’re using your gifts to make a difference;
– Wanting to feel confident expressing yourself in all aspects of life…from the professional setting, to the playground and in all your relationships;
– Telling yourself unhelpful stories like ‘I never say the right things’ or ‘I’m not qualified to do this’;
– Wanting a more passionate, creative and fulfilled career and life that feels like you.

I developed my signature coaching framework, which combines clarity, mindset and action, after watching so many women in the corporate world either burn out or walk out. And every time, I’d be blown away by the potential these women left on the table.

Over time, I noticed that women in corporate weren’t alone. Similar things were happening to women in all sorts of professions.. Yep – I realised that women anywhere could wake up one day and feel completely lost and drowning in self-doubt.

These experiences left me determined to share the strategies that help women get clear on what they want, bravely build their self-belief and take real action. Why? So that they can lead balanced and fulfilled lives full of positivity and energy.

My clients have:
– Transferred from soul-sucking jobs – or been promoted – to more fulfilling, higher paying roles;
– Started successful businesses that are now supporting their families financially;
– Got themselves back in the dating game after years of sitting on the sidelines;
– Determined what they really wanted from their careers and begun re-training for their dream job;
– Increased their vitality while hitting their health goals;
– Gone from being unable to speak in meetings to speaking on stages in front of hundreds of people;
– Started creative hobbies and new volunteer activities;
– Created incredible change in their lives – that they’re now role modelling for their daughters and others around them;
– Tapped into their strengths and are ultimately living in a way that’s fulfilling, meaningful and feels true for them.

Now it’s your turn. It’s time. You deserve more than a career and life that’s ‘fine’. You deserve true fulfilment and days that feel fabulous. I can’t wait to discuss how I can support you to build your very own self-styled life.

Other Qualifications:
  • Self-belief Coaching Academy Graduate Coach (2021)
  • Yes Supply Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Life Coach (2021)
  • Beautiful You Coaching Academy Graduate Life Coach (2018)
  • Style Coaching Institute certified Style Coach (2017)
  • La Trobe University Melbourne Bachelor of Commerce (2004)

What clients say about

coaching with them

I didn’t think I wanted a coach – I didn’t think it was for me. But from our very first catch up, I realised that firstly that it’s not just about my work, it’s about my life. And secondly that I actually enjoy my work and thrive on it more than I realise. Most importantly though, I realised I have been unknowingly been telling myself so many nasty stories, most of which I would never tell anyone, not even a worst enemy. Janelle, your coaching is not only changing my life, it’s changing the people around me, from my colleagues to my family. And I’m already starting to teach my daughters the lessons I’m learning.