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Lisa Mabberley

I’m a Self-Belief Coach for Mums who feel stuck, lost or long for something new.

I love to work with Mums who are ready for a new season of their mothering and life. Women who are no longer wholly content with what is and are feeling the pull of what else there could be for them. 

I love to work with women who are done with being grounded by circumstance and stalled by self doubt. Women whose hearts hold whispers of what might light them up. Women who need the (let’s face it, for mums, it’s:) sacred space of time just for them – to be heard, to be seen, to tune into their insides. To sit compassionately with their self doubt and feel safe to expand their sense of who they are in the world. Women who need the support of a fellow Sister to figure out a new way of being.

Just as when we first become a mother we expand into a new version of ourselves – one who learns to mother our young – there comes a time for many Mums when another rebirth calls. One that sees you bringing more parts of yourself into the light.  Mothering yourself, creating a day to day life where you feel more fully you. It’s my honour to be here for that.

Having navigated 11 years of motherhood myself so far, with stints as a new mum, toddler mum, working mum, stay-at-home mum, work-from-home mum and accidental homeschooler, I intimately know the ups and downs of them all. I know about losing and finding myself many times over and of the deep need for space and time for our own journey.

Through my coaching and retreats, I hold space for grounding, unravelling and piecing back together. I am honoured to walk alongside fellow Mums in times of transition to help them emerge in the way they want to. When I’m not coaching, you’ll find me in the woods with my two children and flying spaniel, Raven – preferably with a flask of tea and snacks so we can linger a while.

Lisa is based in the UK – click here to check your timezone.

Other Qualifications:
  • Self Belief Coach, SBCA, 2021
  • SFEDI Business Support Accreditation, 2007
  • DISC Certification, 2007
  • Timeline Therapy Practitioner, 2006
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, 2006
  • Life Coaching Diploma, The Coaching Academy, 2004

What clients say about

coaching with them

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you so much.

Thank you for such an amazing, beautiful, transforming and insightful session. It has had such an effect both in an immediate sense and how I feel about my future plans. The calmness I felt when the session ended has stayed magically with me.