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Marion Langford

I am a Leadership and Self-Trust Coach who works with empathetic, talented leaders and self-aware people who want to to feel more confident in their relationships and decisions.

The workplace (and let’s face it, life) is harder for people with high empathy.

Decisions are more complex, navigating human relationships more sticky, and living with all the attuned feelings can be exhausting at times. At the same time, the world needs people with high empathy – now, more than ever – and many of you are at high risk of burn out.

This is where I’ve felt called to serve – supporting people to keep this gift of empathy alive and in the service of others by supporting them to live more fully into their empathy and compassion for themselves as a renewing resource. Many of my clients are therapists, social workers, social justice advocates, health workers, and not-for-profit leaders. We meet in one-on-one coaching, groups and in my workshops to explore questions about how to be good at what they do, make good decisions, and be in a healthy relationship to themselves and others.

To support the high empathizers among us, I’ve studied with leading thinkers and originators on diverse areas of practice, such as understanding empathy and emotions, organizational and career coaching, the construction of narratives, mind-body relationships, how we hold space, and self-belief, all of which are connected to the healthy functioning of the whole self in relationships. I am very proud to be associated with Sas Petherick and all the other amazing coaches on this site, because I truly believe that Sas’s indepth understanding of the mechanisms of self-doubt and self-belief offers a way of addressing our inner conflicts by mapping a transformative process to resolving them.

What I’ve learned is that life becomes less hard when we learn how to access more self-trust, self-worth, and self-acceptance. When do so, our empathetic self begins to be resourced, nourished and supported.

Marion is based in Ontario, Canada – click here to check your timezone.

Other Qualifications:
  • Self-Belief Coaching Academy – Completed – 2021
  • Centre for Holding Space – Foundation Program – 2020
  • Powerful Non-Defensive Communication Certification – 2019
  • Narrative Coaching with Dr. David Drake – 2018
  • Dynamic Emotional Integration,  Training and Consultation LIcensee – 2016 and 2017
  • Mind-Body Coaching Program – 2015
  • Certified Dr. Martha Beck Coach – 2013
  • Narrative Therapy Extern Program – University of Toronto
  • Master’s of Education –  University of Toronto

What clients say about

coaching with them

I have experienced the easiest and most seamless success with an issue I’ve struggled with for over 20 years after one coaching session with you. As a coach, I trust you and find your energy to be incredibly calm, gentle and safe. You can be playful and at the same time, very powerful in getting to the heart of an issue and altering my perspective.

Meagan Forrest, Life Coach

I have experienced so many transformations from your coaching that there are truly too many to count. Your presence is so clear, kind, wise, and you exude joy in your work. Through our work together I’ve learned to embrace my own power, stop taking crap from others, and courageously share my unique gifts with the world.

Marlo Gillis, Therapist