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Scott Robson

California, USA
Side Ferns
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Scott Robson

I’m Scott, an experienced and compassionate coach, creative, and connector who supports fellow entrepreneurs in the very human experience that is running a business. I help them find their unique voice, gain self-trust, and claim their space in the world.

I know from experience that our lives and businesses can be interlinked in important ways. Our business can be where we create stability, abundance, and make an impact. They can also provide a stage for the deep, unconscious beliefs that we’ve sometimes been carrying for years.

My biggest desire is to help you have more of you in your business, so you’re confidently leading from the most resourced and healthiest version of yourself. You know where you start and where your business ends, and you step into your gifts in a way you never thought possible.

Scott is based in California, USA – click here to check your timezone.

Other Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, 2001
  • Curriculum for Living Coach Training, Landmark Education, 2003
  • Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), 2016
  • Certified Self-Belief Coach, Self-Belief Coaching Academy, 2021

What clients say about

coaching with them

As an entrepreneur, I am quick to write things off as “fine” or “good enough” or “no big deal.” Scott encourages me to see the opportunity in everything. He challenges me to find a new perspective and avoid putting limitations on myself.
Scott is future-focused, optimistic, empathetic, and curious. He understands where I want to go and keeps me on track with compassion. Working with Scott was an invaluable experience.

Janet F.

I started working with Scott after experiencing some difficulties in my life and business. Working together, Scott helped me to fully break them down and see them for what they really are. There is a gentle yet committed approach Scott has to reaching into misunderstood mindsets. It’s his compassionate coaxing that gives me the courage to look around my life and make more conscious choices. I feel like I have a champion in this world, and am now enjoying my life instead of just surviving it.

Nicole P.