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Episode 78: 3 Signs You Are Ready for Self-belief Coaching

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So excited to share this episode with you!

Self-belief Coaching is about understanding the root causes of the doubts, worries, and fears that hold you back.

It’s not your mama’s life coaching! We don’t sugar coat the muck and bullets of life, offer Captain Obvs advice and we sure as shit don’t ‘do’ manifesting.

Instead we explore the very good reasons why self-doubt is showing up, how to have your own back (no matter what), how to live more bravely. How to create a life you actually LIKE.

We are about to launch Self-belief Coach Match which is an awesome new matchmaking service for you to work with experienced practitioners.  These are coaches I have personally trained in the Self-belief Coaching Academy. They all bring their own flavour of magic to this work!

Today’s episode is about working with a self-belief coach – how you know you are ready and the outcomes you can expect.

Find out more about Self-belief Coach Match!

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