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Episode 127: Every story has three narratives


I’m really excited to chat with you today about a concept that has been brewing for me over the last few months – that every single story we tell about ourselves, has three different narratives.

In this episode I discuss these three layers as I see them, and explain how going into the third layer is where we get to really understand something new about who we are.

It’s no accident that this is coming up for me right now, as I am currently in an in-depth training programme to certify as a Coaching Supervisor. In supervision what we’re trying to do is look at a bigger (super) perspective (vision) of our work as coaches. It’s a big old soup of (sometimes uncomfortable) reflection!

So do listen in:

If you’re trying to figure out what’s happening for you in an area of your life that feels unsatisfying or confusing.

If you’re a coach that’s curious about supervision practice, you might enjoy hearing more about my experience of it.

And if you’re a human experiencing self-doubt, this approach to storytelling and meaning-making is likely to support you!


Insta: @saspetherick

You can quote me on that…
“When we get into a reflective practice of some sort, we get to unearth an expanded narrative.” – Sas Petherick

“Asking ‘what else could be true?’ brings in complexity, and also possibility. If we allow ourselves to really sit with that question we can start to see that the meaning-making we’ve drawn is specific to that story. It may not be a universal truth.” – Sas Petherick

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