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Episode 134: Your presence is your greatest Coaching tool with Kris Sheppard

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Our coach training equips us with incredibly helpful tools, concepts and approaches, and client work provides the real-world experience of supporting actual humans, most professional coaches find that there is still something missing. And no I don’t mean a business coach!

We need a different third thing – a learning space that helps us to make sense of everything.

Where we can reflect on our relationship with very specific, three-dimensional, paying clients (not theoretical avatars or other trainee coaches).

  1. Where we can feel supported and frankly, less lonely in this work (it’s super tricky when we work from the kitchen table or the spare room!)
  2. And we usually need other resources and choices for supporting clients more effectively (because none of us know what we don’t know).

As the coaching industry matures, being in Supervision is now recognised as the standard for coaching excellence. And having been in Supervision for a decade, I honestly don’t know how any coach does this work without it.

I’m delighted to welcome Kris Shepard back to the podcast to chat more about Supervision – Kris is a Life Coach and Supervisor who helps coaches show up authentically with their clients and masterfully hone their unique coaching style.

In this episode, we talk through the ins and outs of coaching supervision, and why it should be the first point of call for coaches who are figuring out this beautiful, helpful work.

You can find out more about Kris at

 If you’re interested in coaching supervision with me, a Growth Edge Supervision Circle will be beginning in May. You can click here to find out more and join the waitlist:

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