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Episode 137: I cancelled my biggest launch of the year


If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may have caught that a few weeks ago I posted about my decision to cancel my biggest launch of the year. I had just announced Brave Coach Week, which was a joy to run last year and was shaping up to be the same. Off the back of that, I was going to announce the next round of the Self Belief Coaching Academy, the course that’s at the centre of my work and heart. All seemed like it should fall into place. And then… I just wasn’t feeling it.

Tune in for my story of what happens when you ditch a launch strategy that just doesn’t seem to fit and embrace the complexity of making decisions that truly align with how you want to show up.


“Can we dispense with any notion that everything has to be a “hell yes”, or it’s a no. We’re so much more complex and nuanced than this. Decisions are rarely this clear cut, so if it’s not clear to you, nothing’s gone wrong.”

“It’s okay to show up as you are now and to trust that your people will come with you.”

“Money comes from our relationships with people. It comes from trust and consistency, but that means that we really need to know who our clients are. We need to know how our thoughtful services and our helpful products make our clients’ lives better.”

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