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Episode 140: Me and Ambition: Its complicated with Keri Jarvis

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If you’re not following Keri Jarvis on Instagram @keri_l_jarvis, what are you doing?! Keri is a developmental coach, intersectional feminist, community activist, and all-round bloody ace human.

When we recorded this episode, Keri had posted some brilliant thoughts on Instagram about what it really means to identify with being an ambitious person, and how her own sense of equity, justice and feminism has caused her relationship with ambition to evolve.

We got together to chat more about ambition, getting comfortable with contentment, what gratitude really means in practice, and competition versus collectivism.

Plus a huge amount of amazing references and resources that are sure to send you down a rabbit hole of info and inspo 📚


You can find Keri’s original post here:

Madeline Pendleton podcast: Pick me up I’m scared

Madeline on TikTok


Upstream on Insta:

Emergent Strategy Podcast:

Women have better sex under Socialism:


“All of your consumption decisions, who you choose to work with, who you tell your stories to, the kinds of folks you spend your time with – they all get to be personal decisions.”

“Capitalism says there’s not enough to go around, so you have to fight for it. Collective liberation says ‘I don’t believe in competition. I want us all to win.’ And some of us are starting at different places, so that means some of us need a ton more resources and support to get to the start line.”

“If we accept that growth is where the happiness is, the inevitability of it, the necessary nature of it, it’s not unusual for people to be quite stopped in their tracks and think, ‘why would I want more?’”

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