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Episode 141: Cyclical Living with Jen Wright


Are you feeling out of alignment with your natural rhythm? Maybe you don’t even know if you have a natural rhythm? Perhaps you are searching for a sense of order outside of the 9 to 5 world of notifications and expectations? 

This episode is a treat! Jen Wright is a mentor who works with folks to build values-based, heart-led businesses and she is here to share her expertise in slow, sustainable, cyclical living.

Listen in for her insights on how to tune into your body to create your own unique cycles and rituals, making the most of your time in the most nourishing, fulfilling, and intuitive way.

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Lottie Randomly


“It’s about tuning back into our bodies. Seeing when we can rest, when we can slow down, and when things feel easier for us, rather than just pushing all the time.”

“If we think about a hierarchy of wellness, sleep is the big pillar at the bottom. That’s where our body repairs itself, when our natural healing happens. When we dream, we are usually processing stuff from that day. In order to dream, we need to get into depth of sleep.”

“Can you imagine a society where all of us are educated about the cycle of life? Where we ask, what does that actually mean for all of us? And commit to knowing that.”

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