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Episode 90: Tender-hearted Human Business with Suzy Darke


Dr Suzy Darke is a business coach like no other. I see her growing a quiet rebellion, inviting us to challenge the kinds of practices we all take for granted as business owners. Suzy is a coach, a mentor, a writer and she’s also a graduate of the Self-Belief Coaching Academy. She is deeply empathic, has an enormous heart, and a really big impact. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

So what’s this episode really about? 

Starting your own business is such a huge personal development journey, you don’t have to be louder, more extrovert, tougher. You are your own start line and you get to start from that space. We talk about:

  • The push-pull between the ethics of marketing yourself with integrity and how does this fit with us as human beings.
  • You don’t have to fit the mould of “girl boss” to get on in business and there’s never really a secret formula that works. You have to decide what is right for you.
  • The steps you need to come back to your own heart and start to have some belief in yourself and your business.
  • What you should stop doing – to make positive change in your life and business (clue: this is all about comparison).

Why you should listen

Being more compassionate to yourself does not mean that you get less done. Trying not to judge ourselves for the mistakes we make, especially for the things we do not know yet. For some of us, self-compassion needs to be a daily practice!


Self Compassion by Kristin Neff

Google Project Aristotle

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You can quote me on that…

“It’s not till we start showing ourselves compassion that we actually start to feel filled up.” – Sas Petherick.

“Never in my life have I been asked to show up as the true authentic me, never in the workplace where it’s about towing the line, at school it’s about being good, whatever that means! When do we get to be our whole selves?” – Suzy Darke.

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